HyFlex Trainings

The office of online education offers an array of support and resources to Lehman faculty who are designing and teaching HyFlex courses. The following programming is open to all Lehman faculty. Please check out our website for updated information, resources, and materials for all things HyFlex.

Join a live Q & A  with Sherry Deckman and Brian Murphy to discuss their experience designing and facilitating HyFlex courses at Lehman college. We will discuss technology use, teaching across modalities and more. Please register for the event.

These consultations address and support pedagogical and design strategies for HyFlex course planning and teaching. We invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with :

Sherry Deckman, HyFlex Mentor, Social Studies Education, School of Education: sherry.deckman@lehman.cuny.edu

Brian Murphy, HyFlex Mentor, Computer Science, School of Natural and Social Sciences: brian.murphy@lehman.cuny.edu 

Sakina Laksimi, Instructional Designer, Office of Online Education: sakina.laksimi@lehman.cuny.edu

Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) course design is a multi-modal student-centered approach to teaching and learning. This one hour webinar will cover the basics of Hybrid Flexible course design, including principles, best practices, and assessment. We will explore the advantages and constraints of teaching a HyFlex course at Lehman, and there will be opportunity for discussion. The workshop is for faculty interested in experience. Please register for the webinar.

Designing a course with more than one learning path is a significant shift from traditional course design, offering students multiple access points to participate and achieve course learning goals. This 90 minute workshop is structured to facilitate adapting an existing assignment or syllabus to the HyFlex modality. Through direct instruction, resources, templates and small group feedback, participants will receive support and structure to get started on designing a HyFlex activity or class session. The workshop is for faculty interested in diving into the design of a HyFlex experience. Please register for the workshop

Participate in a conversation about your experience designing and teaching HyFlex courses at Lehman. Attendees will engage in a conversation, share their experience, lessons learned, and  best practices about HyFlex teaching and learning. We will share additional resources to support faculty and students. Please register for the event

HyFlex learning provides opportunities for students to participate in classes either as a fully online student, a classroom student, or in any blend of participation modes. Sign up for a 7-day online (asynchronous) workshop, facilitated by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), the leading organization for online teaching and learning that offers professional development opportunities for faculty. After you complete the workshop, reach out to the Office of Online Education staff for additional support. Please register for the workshop.