Adult Degree Program

About ADP

With over four decades of success, Lehman College's School of Continuing and Professional Studies has a long tradition of serving adult students. Our undergraduate program assists adults 25 and older who have not yet earned a Bachelor’s degree. Our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies offers students an innovative, flexible, and customizable path toward an interdisciplinary degree.

Adults attend college for many reasons: to advance or change careers, to fulfull personal goals, or simply to immerse themselves in an area of interest. Whatever your reason, the Adult Degree Program (ADP) can help you reach your academic goals.

Entering or re-entering college as an adult can feel overwhelming. You may have a full-time job or family obligations that make it difficult to envision adding college classes to an already full schedule. Maybe you’re concerned that your academic skills are rusty and wonder if you’ll be able to keep up with younger classmates. You may have long forgotten your high school math. Don't worry. You are not the only one!

At ADP, we understand the concerns of adult students. We offer a range of support services to help adults make a successful transition back to college. Our goal is the same as yours: We want you to earn your degree. We recognize the value of a college education and the positive impact it can have in your professional and personal life.

With that in mind, the Adult Degree Program offers the following services:

  • Day and evening office hours
  • Academic and career advising tailored specifically for adult students
  • Special courses, open only to ADP students, that count toward your degree and help ensure a successful transition to college
  • Exemption from some college requirements, such as a foreign language
  • The opportunity for qualified students to earn up to 15 credits toward a Bachelor’s degree or up to 6 credits toward a Master’s degree for prior learning or military service (PLA).

* PLA credits are awarded as transfer elective credits and do not count toward residency. As such, not all students are eligible.

Learn more about the Bachelor’s degree programs or the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.