Adult Degree Program

Bachelor's Degrees

ADP's Bachelor’s Degree program serves students who are 25 years of age and older and specializes in helping adults who have never gone to college and those who have completed some college but were unable to finish their degree. ADP staff are experts at working with adults. We understand that you often have full-time jobs, children, and very busy lives. Our advising is designed to help you be both informed and realistic about the time required to succeed in college. Our goal is the same as yours—we want you to earn your degree and all of our advising is geared toward that objective.

Students in the Adult Degree Program earn a regular Lehman college degree, but with additional support, services, and flexibility. Adult Degree Program students may choose any major offered at Lehman College or design their own course of study in our Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Liberal Studies program (BLIS).  More information about BLIS is located here.

Majors that can be completed through evening and weekend classes only are listed below. Lehman majors not listed below are open to ADP students but may require the flexibility to take some classes during the day.

Minors in Middle and High School EducationEarly Childhood and Childhood Education, and Actuarial Mathematics, are also available for completion through evening/weekend study.

Please note: Some Lehman College majors, including Social Work  and Nursing require a secondary application process. ADP advisors will help ADP students apply to these programs once pre-requisite courses are completed, but admission to ADP does not guarantee admission to these majors.

Learn about the majors and minors offered at Lehman College.