Adult Degree Program

Find Your BLIS at ADP!

The Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (BLIS) is designed especially for returning adult students who may have a variety of academic interests, transfer credits, significant professional experience, and prefer to design a course of study that best reflects their future goals.

The major is 30-36 credits and has two required courses, IBA 301 and IBA 482.  The remaining 24-30 credits of the major are chosen by the student as part of a proposal developed during IBA 301, in consultation with ADP faculty/advisors. The proposal must reflect a minimum of two or more disciplines and will be approved by the ADP Advisory Board or by faculty/advisors from the primary disciplines.

These are just a few examples of programs students have designed and the disciplines they included:

  • The Business of Theater (Business, Accounting, and Theater)
  • Healthcare and Health Concerns in Communities of Color (Health Education, Latino Studies, Africana Studies)
  • Cultural Reflections of Latina Women in Art (Art, Art History, Latino Studies)
  • Professional Writing on Health and Healthcare (Health Education, Health Sciences, English Writing, Media Communication Studies, Journalism)
  • Expressive Therapies (Art, Music, Dance, Exercise Science, Psychology, Recreation Education, Disability Studies, Theater)
  • Non-profit Services for Children with Special Needs (Recreation Education, English Writing, Psychology, Disability Studies, Business, Accounting)

More information about BLIS can be found in the undergraduate catalog.