Adult Degree Program

Undergraduate Advisement

Adult Degree students work with ADP advisors from admission through graduation. Our advisors help you select a major, offer guidance on completing the general education requirements, and strive to provide the support you need to ensure a successful academic experience. Like all Lehman students, ADP students have two advisors: an ADP advisor and an advisor for your chosen major. Your ADP advisor will counsel you on this process.

We recommend meeting with your ADP advisor each semester. Once you are familiar with your required courses and sequencing, you may consider ADP advising only once a year; however, we advise against meeting less than once a year. Self-advising is risky and could lead to taking incorrect courses.

To make an appointment to see an ADP advisor, simply email or call 718-960-8666. You must have your EMPLID available and it’s always helpful if you can give us a few days/times that you are available to meet.

ADP students do not got to the Academic Advising Center in Shuster Hall. Instead you come directly to us. This helps ensure that you are advised correctly, with consideration to the special options offered only to ADP students.

ADP advising is only available to already admitted ADP students. Students applying to the Adult Degree Program will have the opportunity to speak with an ADP advisor at one of our information sessions.