OPA Events & Support

Wednesday Workshops

OPA Wednesday Workshops aim to support students as they apply for competitive awards, enrichment programs and graduate/professional school. Wednesday workshops help guide students through different stages of the application process, helping students to improve their writing and develop their stories and narratives for application essays. Students are provided with tips and strategies on how to articulate their interests and how to improve their communication skills to engage in discussion with professionals in their field; for example, how to approach potential research mentors. Moreover, students also learn how to effectively communicate with their recommenders during an application process to help them produce competitive recommendations.

Scholar Engagement Series

The Scholar Engagement Series is an event hosted by the OPA to expose Lehman College students to professionals working in different fields (Researchers, Policy Makers, Lawyers, Health Care Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Education Professionals, Etc.) Students have the ability to network and develop their knowledge of different fields and career paths.

Wellness Support

Applying to competitive awards, enrichment programs and graduate school can be a stressful process. To ensure that students strike a balance between work and play, the OPA also host game and movie nights where students can step away from their applications, form community amongst their peers and have some fun. Every OPA event also incorporates a wellness segment where we check-in with students and engage in an activity to ensure that students are engaged and motivated throughout their interactions with the office.

OPA Events and Support

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