NSS Scholar Community

The Office of Prestigious Awards (OPA) has worked alongside the School of Natural and Social Sciences (NSS) to support students interested in STEM careers as they apply for competitive awards in STEM, enrichment programs which allow them to explore their career interests and Graduate programs.

To strengthen this relationship, the OPA has created the Natural and Social Sciences (NSS) Scholar Community for current NSS students and alumni. The purpose of the Scholar Community is to foster a community of scholars with similar goals and interests, who collaborate and offer each other support as they work towards their goals. Students are provided with an interactive space on Microsoft Teams where they receive information on awards applicable to NSS students and resources which can help them prepare competitive applications to different awards and graduate and professional school.

As a part of the NSS Scholar Community students have access to OPA advising, OPA events, OPA bootcamps/ programs and wellness support.

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