Research Courses for Students

NSS 150 (1 credit): Introduction to Scientific Research

Recommended for second semester freshman and sophomore students (both incoming freshman and transfer students) interested in laboratory-based research in the sciences. Introduction to scientific research methods and techniques, research ethics and the importance of keeping a clear and detailed notebook. The course will include a series of presentations by the instructor and research active faculty, graduate student researchers and current research students from Lehman College. 

NSS 160 (1 credit): Research Shadowing Experience

Allows a student to shadow a faculty member, research student or current research scholar (at any level) over a 14-week period during the semester or a 6-week period during the summer. Not credited towards major or minor. 

NSS 200 (1 credit): Biomedical Research and Career Seminar

For students in the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) programs, although open to all qualified students. NSS 200 will focus on activities that help prepare students for success in graduate school and in a scientific career with a specific focus on Biomedical research. This course is designed as a combination “workshop” and “seminar” with alternating biweekly workshop activities and invited speakers who present their research from different scientific disciplines. RISE scholars are required to enroll each semester in the seminar as part of the condition of remaining as a RISE scholar. 

*SOC 181 (1 Credit) Introduction to Data Analysis Applications for Social Science 

Use of a specific programming language or application used in the social sciences. These include languages such as R, Python or SQL and software for writing and administering surveys can carrying out analysis of qualitative data. Students may take the course twice to learn different applications.

Coming: New 1 credit courses to learn research techniques and gain the skills and content needed to join specific labs. 

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