OPA Bootcamps & Programs

Winter Bootcamp

The OPA Winter Bootcamp is a three-week program held in January to assist Lehman College students with identifying and applying to funded summer experiences. Students are required to identify and prepare at least three programs by the end of the bootcamp. As a part of this program, REACH students will be able to apply for summer programs such as REUs, SURF, SURP, Pre-health emersion programs, etc. During the Winter Bootcamp, the OPA hosts workshops on writing, choosing recommenders, networking, articulating one’s goals and interests, etc.

Summer Program

The OPA Summer Program is an eight-week program starting the first week in June and ending in August, where primarily Lehman college Juniors and Seniors are introduced to different Graduate school funding opportunities and assisted in applying to these opportunities along with individual graduate and professional schools. REACH students who participate in the OPA summer program will meet with OPA advisors weekly to develop their application essays and attend weekly workshops which keep them on track to preparing their application packets by the end of the program. Students with completed application portfolios will have the opportunity to engage in a campus panel review where Lehman Faculty and staff review their application materials, simulate a mock interview and offer targeted feedback to improve their application for final submission.

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