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Faculty members in the Department are committed to excellence in narrative and analytical historical reading and writing. They offer a variety of services to students who wish to improve their reading or writing skills, or who wish to pursue a historical problem in more depth than class time permits. Students may also study with members of the faculty on independent reading or research projects. —Marie Marianetti

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Faculty Spotlight

lobelSince joining the History Department in 2006, Cindy Lobel has taught various courses on the history of New York, urban history, and United States history both to undergraduate and MA students. A former walking tour guide, Professor Lobel encourages students to explore the city and its many historical and cultural offerings and incorporates walking tours and museum visits into her classes. She received her Ph.D. from the History Department at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Professor Lobel recently published Urban Appetites: Food and Culture in Nineteenth-Century New York with the University of Chicago Press. This book surveys the evolution of New York through the lens of food and eating. Urban Appetites examines the many different ways New York’s population produced, distributed, and consumed food as the city grew from a mid-sized port city to a global metropolis. Street markets, political corruption, gourmet restaurants, and urban sprawl all cross paths in this entertaining cultural history. The manuscript version of Urban Appetites won the 2013 Dixon Ryan Fox Prize, awarded annually by the New York State History Association for the best manuscript on New York history. Professor Lobel is currently working on two biographies, one of Catharine Beecher, a pioneer of American women’s education, and the other of Thomas Downing, a nineteenth-century African American oysterman and civil rights pioneer.

In February 2013, Professor Lobel joined Lehman’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program as a co-coordinator. Along with Professor Tyler Schmidt of the English Department, Professor Lobel organized a working group within the history department for exploring ways to use writing to improve student learning in our history classes. Professor Lobel also co-led a two-day Writing Across the Curriculum workshop in May 2013 and in Spring 2014, will co-lead a workshop on using e-portfolio and other technologies in writing intensive classes.


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wooldridgeChuck Wooldrige, professor of East Asian history at Lehman, was recently the subject of a "member spotlight" on the American Historical Association's website. Click here to read his thoughts on the history profession and on how he developed an interest in history.

tananbaumDuane Tananbaum, professor of American History at Lehman, delivered the college's 2013 Constitution Day lecture on September 17. His wide-ranging lecture covered the evolution of the American government's war powers from the time of the founding fathers to the present. Click here to read it—and click here to read Prof. Tananbaum's commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Herbert H. Lehman, our college's namesake.

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