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Undergraduate Applications


Please visit our special¬†Undergraduate Admissions FAQ’s¬†page that provides instructions for submitting applications and supporting documents while we are all working virtually from home.

As a senior College of the City University of New York, Lehman participates in the CUNY application process. Applicants are admitted through the University Application Processing Center (UAPC) to one or more of the seventeen undergraduate CUNY colleges they select on the application.

Prospective undergraduates apply either as entering freshmen or as transfer students. If you have ever attended college, in the U.S. or elsewhere, you must apply as a transfer student.

How Do I Apply?

Apply online. All freshmen and transfer applicants should apply to Lehman College directly through CUNY's online application process.

If you are a Macaulay Honors College applicant, the only appplication you need to complete is available on the Macaulay Honors College Prospective Students Page between September 1st and December 1st.

All applications should be accompanied by an application fee and official copies of documents. Do not send any documents listed below to Lehman College as it will cause a delay in the review of your application.

Freshman Admission

You are considered a freshman applicant if you have not previously attended a college, university and/or proprietary school since graduating high school.

  • A non-refundable $65 application fee. Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card
  • Official high school transcript(s) with proof of graduation
  • Or GED diploma and GED scores
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • TOEFL score (International applicants only)

Transfer Admission

You are considered a transfer applicant if you have attended a college, university and/or proprietary school since graduating from high school/secondary school. This applies whether or not you are seeking transfer credit and/or changing your program of study.

  • A non-refundable $70 application fee. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card
  • Official transcript(s) from all colleges, universities and/or proprietary schools attended
  • Transfer students with fewer than 24 credits earned must also submit an official high school transcript and proof of high school graduation
  • TOEFL scores (International applicants only)

Supporting documents should be sent to CUNY/UAPC to the correct P.O. Box address:

  • General Freshman Admission
    P.O. BOX 350136
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Macaulay Honors College
    P.O. BOX 350046
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • General Transfer Admission
    P.O. BOX 350145
    Brooklyn, NY 11235

Other Admissions Categories

NOTE: If an application you require is missing from the list below, call the Office of Admissions at 718-960-8700 to have the form sent to you.

Readmit application

Welcome back to the Lehman community! 

You are considered a readmit applicant if you previously attended Lehman College without earning a degree and now wish to do so.

The steps in the readmission process are simple: 

  • Complete the Readmission Application Request Form. We will review your academic record to determine eligibility and then send you the readmission application.
  • Once you receive the link to the application, submit the completed application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at
  • The $20 readmission application processing fee will be added to your tuition bill.
  • Official Transcripts are required for all colleges/universities attended after leaving Lehman College. Students who have earned an Associate’s Degree since leaving Lehman College must meet the following minimum GPA requirements:
    • Associates Degree in Arts: cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
    • Associates Degree in Science: cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
    • Associates Degree in Arts: cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
    • Associates Degree in Science: cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
    • Associates Degree in Applied Science: cumulative GPA of 2.3 or above
Former students with a Lehman cumulative GPA lower than 2.0 must file an appeal for readmission prior to filing a re-admit application. Appeals are filed with the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation.  Complete the undergraduate Appeal Form and email it with a typed letter of appeal to The letter may be attached as a PDF, Word document, or written in the body of the email. For further information regarding the appeal, please visit the Appeal FAQ page.

For additional information about the readmission process please email:  

Non-Degree application

A non-degree student is not officially registered in a degree program and is not a candidate for a degree. However, credits earned by students with non-degree status may later be transferred to a degree program. Please note that non-degree students register for courses on a space-available basis.

The admission requirements for non-degree students are the same as those for regular degree students.

Required documents:

  • Complete the Non-degree application
  • A non-refundable $65 check or money order made payable to Lehman College
  • High School transcript (if you never attended college)
  • Or most recent college transcript or proof of bachelor’s degree

Non-Degree to Degree application

Students who previously attended Lehman College under a non-degree status and now wish to pursue a degree program must file a non-degree to degree application. Requirements to change degree status include the completion of 13 credits in residence at Lehman and the submission of official transcripts from previously attended institutions. A review of the cumulative GPA of the combined coursework should meet the same admissions criteria for degree students.

Required documents:
  • Complete the Non-degree to Degree application
  • If not in continuous attendance, a non-refundable $20 check or money order made payable to Lehman College
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
Non-CUNY Visiting Student application

Students that are enrolled at a non-CUNY institution and seek to enroll in courses at Lehman for the current semester must apply as a visiting student. Permission to register as a visiting student is valid for one semester at a time. Visiting students must submit new documentation from their primary colleges for each succeeding semester.

To apply as a Non-CUNY Visiting Student, visit the Office of Special Academic Sessions website.

CUNY Permit application

Students currently pursuing a degree at another CUNY college who wish to take a credit bearing course at Lehman are exempt from the application processing fee. They must submit an e-permit via the CUNY Portal. Tuition for courses taken at Lehman is paid at the student's primary college after the student has registered at both institutions. Detailed information about filing a CUNY e-permit is available online. Use your CUNY Portal ID to login to e-Permit.

Once the e-permit is approved, an e-mail will be sent to you with information about registration.

Required documents:

  • Complete the CUNY Permit application
  • Bursar’s receipt from home college showing proof of payment for permit courses
  • Student must present a copy of the approved permit

Senior Citizens (Encore Program) application

Through Lehman's Encore Program, New York State residents 60 years and older as of the first day of classes are permitted to enroll as auditors in Lehman College undergraduate courses on a space-available basis, tuition-free. Senior auditors will not receive academic credit. Individuals enrolling under this program are charged a $65 fee per semester, plus a $15 consolidated fee. Senior citizens who wish to enroll for credit must pay full tuition and fees.

Required documents:

  • Complete the Encore application
  • New York State issued driver’s license or identification card to verify eligibility.


  • Under NO circumstances will advisement sheets or semester grade reports be accepted in place of a transcript
  • All students educated outside the United States must apply through the University Application Processing Center (UAPC)
  • Additional information may be needed upon completion of the application for admission (i.e. Green Card, Certificate of Naturalization, I-94 card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Proof of NYS residency, etc…)