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Welcome to the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Are you considering a career in speech-language pathology or audiology? Our department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech pathology and audiology and a Master of Arts degree in speech-language pathology.

The B.A. program in Speech Pathology and Audiology prepares students for graduate study in the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. Within the context of a liberal arts education, the curriculum provides students with fundamental knowledge of basic communication processes and typical and atypical speech, language, and hearing. Although graduate study is required to practice as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist, there are interesting career options for a B.A. degree from our department. The foundation in rehabilitation of communication disorders can lead to careers in community outreach, public health, education, technical careers such as hearing aid dispensing, or even in the development and promotion of commercial products related to our field. Read More