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Faculty Meetings

The Faculty of Lehman College shall be composed of all full-time members of the instructional staff, and all others who teach at least six semester hours per week. All such persons shall be entitled to full voting and floor rights at any meeting of the Faculty, and may participate and vote in any election or referendum in which the Faculty participates. Other members of the instructional staff shall have full floor rights in meetings of the Faculty.


The Faculty of Herbert H. Lehman College shall carry out the functions of a faculty as defined by the Bylaws of the Board of Higher Education. It shall uphold the interests of the members of the Lehman College Faculty.


The Faculty may:

  • Consider any matter related to the interests or welfare of Lehman College;
  • take positions on College issues;
  • deal with any matter related exclusively to faculty interests or welfare not specifically assigned to another body;
  • make recommendations to the Lehman College Senate, and to any agent, department, committee, or organization of the College, and review actions taken in pursuance of its recommendations;
  • elect Senators-at-Large to the Lehman College Senate, as provided by the appropriate sections of the document entitled, "Governance Structure of Lehman College;"
  • elect by secret ballot faculty representatives to the University Faculty Senate, and other bodies or committees as requested;
  • act through referendum in the process of Nullification of Senate Action, in the procedure for Enactment of Legislation by Referendum, and in the method of amendment entitled "Government Structure of Lehman College," as provided in the appropriate sections of that document.

Excerpted from Bylaws of the Faculty. Adopted February 9, 1972 Last Amended May 25, 1988.

Executive Committee of the General Faculty

  • Anoeska Singh (Chair) 
  • Danna Ethan 
  • Daniel Stuckart 
  • Lynn Rosenberg 
  • Kevin Johnson 
  • Anoeska Singh
  • Penny Prince
  • Brenda Williams-Gray

2023-2024 Meetings of the General Faculty

Send agenda items to Anoeska Singh,

Spring 2024 General Faculty Meetings

  • February 24, 2024
  • May 08, 2024

Fall 2023 General Faculty Meetings

  • September 27, 2023
  • November 15, 2023

University Faculty Senate (UFS) Representatives

  • Senators Anne Rice (2023)
  • Mine Doyran (2023)
  • Ralph Boone (2023)
  • Judith Duncker (2023)
  • Alternate Senators Diane Auslander (2020)
  • Melissa Castillo Planas (2020)

Meeting Materials for May 13th

Minutes of Previous Meetings