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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

Herbert H. Lehman Food Bank

The mission of the Lehman College Food Bank is to combat hunger by providing healthy nutritious food to all Lehman students. Since its opening in March 2017. The Lehman Food Bank has served over 100,737 meals to Lehman students The services have expanded to online grocery cards, bulk bag groceries, cooking demonstrations and now a faculty advisory group. 75% of Lehman Food Bank users live in the Bronx, 87% of students using the Food Pantry have worried about their food running out in the past year and 30% of students using the Food Pantry have not eaten for an entire day at least once during the past year.

What students say about the Lehman Food Bank

“As a Lehman College student, I recognize that the Lehman food pantry has been some of the best help I have received to maintain a good physical condition that help me continue with my studies.”

“I am an immigrant and a disabled student. My only sources of income are disability and food stamps. I live alone with my boyfriend who is also disabled. I pay all the bills and after paying them there is very little money. I am requesting help now because I would like some help during the holidays. Thanks in advance.”

“The support from our donors goes a long way to help people like me who work full time and still face financial hardship due to high cost of living. I am thankful for the tremendous support of our donors. Thank you!”

How to utilize the Lehman College Food Bank


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Give to the Lehman Food Bank

Donate to the Pantry: Financial donations will be used for the purchase of non-perishable goods for the pantry. All gifts, no matter the amount, are meaningful and greatly appreciated.

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