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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

Online Orientation Module

Welcome to Lehman College!

You can only take the Online Orientation after committing to Lehman.  The Online Orientation program will be provided in several short modules, 10 -15 minutes in length, focusing on highlighted services and offices vital to getting you started on your educational journey at Lehman.


You can now make a zoom or an in-person appointment with a Help Coach to get assistance via Lehman Navigate.  If you are seeking assistance with claiming accounts, registration assistance or general information about the enrollment process, please come and see us!

Module #1: Transition to Lehman

Transition to Lehman: In this first module we will introduce you to foundational areas that you will need to know about to be able to gain access to the campus, get your college ID, and navigate services associated with your academic record. It is a great starting place to get to know the Lehman campus.

Module #2: SPARC/Academic Integrity

Every Community has a set of basic standards which allow us to work towards our academic invert endeavors and Lehman is no different. In this module, we will introduce you to your rights as a student, our community standards process, how to identify and report issues seen around campus, and the mandatory sexual harassment training that every student must complete.

Module #3: Academic Support

Once a student gets to Lehman, they have a team of staff that is in their corner to support them towards graduation. And the first person on that team is their academic advisor, in this module, we will walk you through all the information that you need to properly set a meeting with your advisor and the information you need to make the most of these meetings.

Module #4: Lehman Finances

Many of our Lehman students receive some sort of financial assistance to get through their college careers. Additionally, there are many forms of assistance out there. This module will focus on what the financial aid office needs to ensure that all the documents are submitted to cover part if not all of your semester costs. I will also introduce you to which offices will help you cover cap expenses and how to apply.

Module #5: Campus Engagement

There's a whole life outside of classes at Lehman. This module introduces you to student government and several leadership programs that you can get involved with. There are clubs and organizations and a whole host of offices that provide support services that will help you navigate any obstacles or issues that you may encounter within our community.

Module #6: Technology

Lehman College utilizes a whole host of technology to help a student navigate its processes. Within this module, we will walk a student through the different accounts that are available to them just by being a student, how to access them, and make the most of different apps and IT programs that will assist them.

Module #7: Thriving at Online Classes

More and more students spend their time in remote classes, within this module we will introduce you to the online education Department’s different modes of course delivery that Lehman offers and tips on how to navigate online learning.

How to Complete SPARC

Once you log into Blackboard, you will find your SPARC course under the "My Organization" section.

If you have any questions, contact Denny Santos at:

Office of Campus Life
Old Gym, Suite 302