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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Lehman College Division of Student Affairs website. My name is Dr. Jermaine Wright and I serve as the Vice President for Student Affairs. As Vice President for Student Affairs, I provide strategic leadership and operational management for the Division of Student Affairs by delivering quality services and programs that support the college’s mission and foster students’ academic success, personal growth, and career development as they persist to graduation. By enhancing, building, and developing high performing Student Affairs programs the division seeks to increase student involvement on campus and increase the overall quality of the student experience from recruitment to graduation.

The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of five subgroups: 1) Transitions and Retention 2) Health, Wellness, and Inclusion 3) Leadership and Engagement 4) Career Exploration and Professional Development 5) Varsity Athletics, Intramurals, and the APEX that house the following units/departments: Veterans and Military Affairs, CUNY EDGE, Child Care Center, Career Exploration and Development Center, New Student Orientation, Campus Life, Urban Male Leadership Program and CREAR Futuros, Health and Wellness Services, Student Disability Services, Counseling Center, Athletics/APEX, and the Basic Needs Center. The division assists students with social, personal, and emotional development, with the goal of encouraging intellectual and ethical growth through clubs, leadership activities, and various community events.

The Division of Student Affairs team is eager to assist with academic and non-academic matters as well as helping students navigate Lehman College and CUNY policies, guidelines, and procedures. The team works together to foster in students a strong, responsible, and productive quality of life, both on and off campus.

Please use this website as it is dynamic; grows and changes along with the college. I also highly recommend that you read the Student Handbook, which is on this website, and familiarize yourself with the supports and services that the division offers.

All the best on a productive and successful academic year and thank you once again for visiting the Division of Student Affairs website.

Best regards,
Jermaine A. Wright, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

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