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International Student & Scholar Office | Lehman College
International Student Services at Lehman College


ISSO is dedicated to providing services, programs and activities that facilitate U.S immigration compliance and cross-cultural learning experiences that assist international student anId scholars in meeting their academic, personal growth and professional goals.


Hello Everyone:

We are reaching out to see how you are doing and to update you regarding the COVID-19 situation and F-1 & J-1 student immigrating exchange visitor news.

For ISSO Services - - Staff will respond within 1-3 days, on a case by case basis

As of Friday, March 20th most services will be conducted remotely. Documents will be emailed, sent via postal or express mail; or picked-up/dropped off at a designated location, as needed.

Health & Safety

Contact a health care provider if you are sick. Continue to observe and practice New York City, New York State, federal government, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) health and safety precautions, check on your classmates, friends and family often.

SEVP Approves Fulltime On-line Classes Within & Outside of the U.S.

You may take on-line classes fulltime within or outside the U.S. and still remain in active status. This means that you may take online courses in your home country or elsewhere. Contact your professors before you leave to discuss on-line work alternatives due to possible internet interference.

Continuing Students & U.S. Departure & Re-Entry

F-1 students: Keep ISSO informed if you decide to leave the U.S. If you travel home, you will be able to re-enter the U.S with DSO travel authorization or a new I-20. J-1 students: you may re-enter with a new DS 2019 or RO travel authorization, Check with ISSO before you leave the U.S. F-1 & J-1 students: Check with the US Embassy, before you decide to return to the U.S. Be mindful of U.S. Consulate -Visa Section closings and U.S travel ban restrictions.

Students Currently Conducting OPT

You may re-enter the U.S. with a valid I-20, EAD Card and F-1 Visa. Check in with your supervisors for any changes in your work schedule or mode of work. Continue to update your portals. Check in with ISSO for "Q & A"

Spring and Summer OPT Applications

If you are graduating in Spring or Summer 2020, applications are still being accepted. Email us for an application packet, instructions and frequently asked questions.

F-1 CPT- Curricular Practical Training (course internship or degree requirement)

Let us know if you are no longer able to work under CPT so that we can adjust your SEVIS record. Contact your faculty/advisor/professor to discuss internship course and/or degree requirement completion.

New CPT applicants; speak with your professor to see if employment is available and advisable at this time.

J-1 Academic Training (on-or off campus work related to academic major and cultural programs)

Consider health and safety precautions at this time.

On-Campus Employment

Consult with your supervisor for any changes in your on-campus employment/workplace. New applicants: consider current health and safety measures at this time.

F-1 Status /I-20 Extensions

Check the end date on your I-20. Do not let it expire. Email ISSO for an extension request 30 days before it expires. If your I-20 end is within the next 60 days, or if you change/add a major, conduct a Degree Works audit with the Academic Advisement Office and your Faculty Advisor to determine the expected date of graduation.

Passport Renewal

Check the expiration date on your passport. If it is 9 months or less, check your home country's embassy/consulate website for renewal instructions.


Be safe. Stay healthy. Keep us informed. Your status is safe and your SEVIS record will remain active as long as you are pursuing your classes online. We will continue to provide you with current information, advice, resources, documents and authorizations that will help you to take care, study and remain in status. Continue to check our website and your emails for on-going updates.


International Student & Scholar Office

250 Bedford Park Boulevard W. Shuster Hall, Room 210 Bronx, NY 10468

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Apply for admission to one of the following academic programs:
Undergraduate | Graduate | English as a Second Language (ESL)

Apply for your:
Form I-20 & F-1 Student Visa

Know more about:
F-1 Immigration Regulations
(Change of address, transfer, change of status, reinstatement & travel outside the U.S.)

Learn about:
F-1 Work Authorization & Regulations
(On campus employment, curricular practical training (CPT), optional practical training (OPT), economic hardship)

Students degree & non-degree, short-term scholars, research scholars & professors

Apply for your:
Form DS2019 & J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

Know more about:
J-1 Immigration Regulations

(Change of address, health insurance requirements & travel outside the U.S.)

Learn about:
J-1 Work Authorization (Academic Training) & Regulations
(Academic training is for the J-1 students degree and non-degree categories only)

Calendar of Events for Degree Students
Degree Students Calendar
Learn about the ISSO:
Office Information & Work Schedule (location, phone, email, mailing address and office work schedule)
Additional F-1 and J-1 Resources:
Essential Links (study in the states, transportation, Lehman campus life, about the Bronx, housing & health insurance
For F-1 Students / Form I-20 & F-1 Visa

Please follow the 5 Steps below to obtain a Form I-20, F-1 Student Visa & Status. If you have any questions regarding any of the steps below please contact our office for clarification.

Step 1 Apply for your form I-20Step 2 Apply for your F-1 visaStep 3 Enter the United StatesStep 4 Report to school after U.S. EntryStep 5 Maintain your F-1 status

F-1 Immigration Regulations

If you are already in the United States check this section to learn more about F-1 immigration regulations. If you have any questions regarding any of the F-1 immigration regulations below please contact our office for clarification.

Address Change regulationsSchool Transfer regulationsChange of Status regulationsReinstatement regulationsTravel in the US and outside the US regulations

F-1 Employment & Regulations

Students in F-1 status may qualify for employment under certain conditions. This section provides basic information about employment and regulations. If you have questions about or would like to determine your eligibility for F-1 employment, please contact our office.

On Campus Employment regulationsCurricular Practical Training regulationsOptional Practical Training regulationsEconomic Hardship regulations

Essential Links