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International Student & Scholar Office | Lehman College
International Student Services at Lehman College


MISSION: ISSO is dedicated to providing services, programs and activities that facilitate U.S immigration compliance and cross-cultural learning experiences to students and scholars in meeting their academic, personal growth and professional goals.



*International students must obtain a Lehman College I-20 Certificate of Eligibity for F-1 Nonimmigrant Student Status to study at Lehman College and to obtain the F-1 Visa to enter the U.S.

  Internatonal Students may apply for the Lehman Collge I-20 only, after receiving admissons to Lehman College.

I am applying to Lehman College as a U.S. transfer student. Do I need an I-20 Form to transfer my F-1 status from my current US college to Lehman College?

Yes. You may apply for the Lehman College I-20 after you have been admitted to Lehman College.          

I am applying to Lehman College as a new student currently living in my home country. This will be my the first time entering the US for the purpose of studying. Do I need an I-20 Form to apply for the F-1 visa?

Yes. You may apply for the Lehman College after you have been admitted to Lehman College.

When can I complete and submit the Lehman College I-20 application?  After you have received official notification of admissons to Lehman College.

Are there any circumstances where I could obtain the Lehman I-20 before being admitted to the College? No. The federal government only permits eligible students to obtain the I-20, and the College to issue an I-20.

after receiving admissons to the College.  Keep in mind:  You only become a Lehman student after receiving admissions. Therefore, I-20 applications are to be submitted followoing your admissions. .


When can I apply for the F-1 visa?

You can apply for the F-1 visa on-line, after receiving your Lehman College I-20. However, because the US Consulate visa sections are closed due to the pandemic, check with the US Consulate to see if it is open.

What can I do if the Consulate doesn't reopen in time for me to obtain the visa to enter US for the Spring 2021 semester?

You can defer your admissions for the next semester. We will issue you a new I-20. OR  You may also be able to remain in your home country and take on-line courses..For either case, please email us directly

to let us know your descion.  Email: Attention DSO; Please note that we are working remotely and can only accept direct communications from you as the prospective F-1 student.

Can I review the I-20 application and discuss it before I apply? Yes. Email: Atterntion DSO/I-20 applicant for an appointment, after you review I-20 application


Can I go home and take online classes during the pandemic and keep my full-time status?

Yes, you can go home and continue taking online classes. However, check to see if the F-1 visa section at the US Embassy in your home contry is open. Also check on any US travel restrictions.

I am thinking to travel and my visa expired, can I renew it?

Only, if the F-1 visa secton at the U.S. Embassy is open.

How do I receive travel authorization to re-enter the US, if I don’t need to renew my visa?

If your travel signature is expired, we will send an electronic I-20 with a new signature.

Can I apply for CPT internship/work during the Pandemic.

Yes. Email: your request for informaton to:   Attention DSO/CPT; isso.shuster@Lehman.

Can I apply for OPT during the Pandemic.

Yes. Email: your request for informaton to: Attention DSO/OPT;

I am on OPT and I don’t have a job and cannot find a job. Does my 90 days unemployment still apply?

Yes, for now your 90 days unemployment is still counting. So far we don’t have any different information.

My I-20 will expire soon. Can I extend it?

Yes. Please contact us for the required documents and we will extend it.

If I decide to take "no credit" for the class I failed, would it affect my status?

No, it would not affect your status as long as you are registered for full-time credits.

At the end of the semester, If I fall below a 2.0 gpa as and undergraduate student, a 3.0 as a graduate student, am I at risk of falling our of  F-1 status? 

Yes, unless you have a medical reason and submit a doctor's letter indicating so and that an reduced course load is recommended.

Will I still need to register for 12 credits if I am an undergraduate; 9 credits if I am graduate student,

Yes, unless you have a medical reason, suported by a doctor. Contact us . We will guide you on this matter.

I would like to work, either, on-campus or under an internship course in my major, Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. if you are in good F-1 status you may apply. Check with us to determine your eligibility  Email: Attention DSO employment authorization info

Am I eligible for economic hardship employment?

Email isso.shuster Check with us to determine your eligibility:


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Apply for admission to one of the following academic programs:
Undergraduate | Graduate | English as a Second Language (ESL)

Apply for your:
Form I-20 & F-1 Student Visa

Know more about:
F-1 Immigration Regulations
(Change of address, transfer, change of status, reinstatement & travel outside the U.S.)

Learn about:
F-1 Work Authorization & Regulations
(On campus employment, curricular practical training (CPT), optional practical training (OPT), economic hardship)

Students degree & non-degree, short-term scholars, research scholars & professors

Apply for your:
Form DS-2019 & J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

Know more about:
J-1 Immigration Regulations

(Change of address, health insurance requirements & travel outside the U.S.)

Learn about:
J-1 Work Authorization (Academic Training) & Regulations
(Academic training is for the J-1 students degree and non-degree categories only

Learn about the ISSO:
Office Information & Work Schedule (location, phone, email, mailing address and office work schedule)
Additional F-1 and J-1 Resources:
Essential Links (study in the states, transportation, Lehman campus life, about the Bronx, housing & health insurance
For F-1 Students / Form I-20 & F-1 Visa

Please follow the 5 Steps below to obtain a Form I-20, F-1 Student Visa & Status. If you have any questions regarding any of the steps below please contact our office for clarification.

Step 1 Apply for your form I-20Step 2 Apply for your F-1 visaStep 3 Enter the United StatesStep 4 Report to school after U.S. EntryStep 5 Maintain your F-1 status

F-1 Immigration Regulations

If you are already in the United States check this section to learn more about F-1 immigration regulations. If you have any questions regarding any of the F-1 immigration regulations below please contact our office for clarification.

Address Change regulationsSchool Transfer regulationsChange of Status regulationsReinstatement regulationsTravel in the US and outside the US regulations

F-1 Employment & Regulations

Students in F-1 status may qualify for employment under certain conditions. This section provides basic information about employment and regulations. If you have questions about or would like to determine your eligibility for F-1 employment, please contact our office.

On Campus Employment regulationsCurricular Practical Training regulationsOptional Practical Training regulationsEconomic Hardship regulations

Essential Links