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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum at Lehman College

Welcome to Lehman College Writing Across the Curriculum or WAC. Our program is grounded in the belief that writing enhances learning and that learning to write is an essential component of a rich and rigorous curriculum.

More than 200 faculty from twenty departments have participated in WAC’s faculty-development institutes. Check out the “WAC News & Events” section of the website to read about recent events and to learn about upcoming opportunities.

The WAC office is located in Carman Hall, Room 305. Phone: 718-960-5825

Featured Work

Public Voices: Writing Across Lehman College 2003-2012, a collection of essays written by and for faculty across the disciplines, offers an on-the-ground perspective on writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines. Each of the ten contributors to this volume participated in Lehman College’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program for a year or sometimes more. The chapters provide detailed accounts of experiments teaching with writing in the following fields: Education, History, Latin American and Puerto-Rican Studies, Health Sciences, Social Work, Music, and Languages and Literatures.


During his participation in WAC's 2015-16 year-long seminar, Prof. Bret Maney of Lehman's English Department created this digital project in which his students researched and wrote about New York locations that have had a significant bearing on American literary history. Mapping projects like this one may be adaptable to courses in a variety of other disciplines.