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Special Academic Sessions

Studying as a Visiting Student



Each semester Lehman College welcomes many Visiting Students and Non-Degree Students to our campus at both the undergraduate and graduate level. What is the difference?

"Visiting Students" are students who are currently matriculated at another college and not enrolled in a degree program at Lehman. Visiting students need to complete the Visiting Student Application and submit all required materials to the Office for Special Academic Sessions. The Office for Special Academic Sessions will reach out to applicants to ensure that all necessary documents are received to process the applications and register students in a timely manner.

"Non-Degree Students" are defined as students who are not currently matriculated at a college who wish to take classes at Lehman College without pursuing a degree. Non-degree students need to complete the Non-Degree Application process and submit the materials directly to the Admissions Office.

Please note that non-degree and Visiting Students both pay non-degree tuition and fees.

For additional information about studying as a Visiting Student contact the Office for Special Academic Sessions at (347) 577-4022 or email