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2013 Student Projects

Anuoluwapo Bolarinwa

Anuoluwapo BolarinwaMy name is Anuoluwapo Bolarinwa; I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I attended my high school in Nigeria and came to New York City in 2011. I am a student at Bronx Community College, majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Biology Option). I intend to pursue a higher degree after I receive my associate degree. I am a passionate student and would like to, some day, get my PhD in Biochemistry. I would like to specialize in the study of harmful bacteria and viruses present in food. I am interested in determining how microorganisms and chemicals have an impact on living organisms.

Being in the STEM Scholars program has being a wonderful experience for me. My experience has been a beneficial and substantial one. The skills that I have obtained from this program have allowed me to become a more proficient reader and a more engaged student. The STEM program has helped me to love science more. I want to express my sincerest gratitude to the department of Chemistry and Biology at Lehman College for this wonderful opportunity given to me. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Joseph Rachlin (Lehman College), Dr. Charles Maliti (Bronx Community College), Dr. Neal Phillip (Bronx Community College), and David Weisberger (Lehman College). I am especially grateful to my mentor, Dr. Renuka Sankaran (Lehman College).

Overall, I am truly thankful for all the help and knowledge I have gained from the STEM Scholars program and for this experience that will help me to transcend in higher levels in my academics. The STEM Scholars research program is the first essential step towards my goal. Download Anu poster

Emmanuel Ramsey Buabeng

Emmanuel Ramsey BuabengEmmanuel Ramsey Buabeng is my name, a citizen of Ghana, a land rich of natural resources. I grew up in a family where education is a must for every child, and this principle guided my entire childhood experience, always putting before me the idea of acquiring knowledge. As a result of that, I did my absolute best when I was admitted to Bronx Community College, and this paved the way for me to be known by most of the professors in the college.

With the intention of becoming a research scientist, I was totally amazed when Dr. Neal Philip told me I have been selected to be part of this year's STEM Scholar’s Program, because I realized that my dreams are becoming a reality. I have learned a lot during this program and I enjoyed working with Prof. Naphtali O'Connor in his research laboratory. My sincere gratitude goes to Prof. Naphtali  O'Connor and Dr. Neal Philip and all the organizers of this STEM program, and it is my wish that, this program will continue to be in existence to help students to realize and build their potentials. Download Emmanuel poster

Chery Falcon

Chery FalconMy name is Chery Falcon, and I am proud to say that I am the first person in my family to be born in these United States. As so, I believe that it is incredibly important to seize the positive opportunities that come your way. I’m currently a chemistry student at Bronx Community College and although my interests range from the sciences to computers and even baking, my true passion is learning. My curious nature makes it so that I want to know how and why things work the way they do. My future goal is to never stop learning.

The Bronx STEM Scholars Program has added timber to the burning flames that is my passion for learning. Getting the chance to work in a research lab as an undergraduate opened my mind up to the possibilities for my future. Science is exciting, so full of wonderful discoveries and as a Hispanic woman I want to be a part of it.

The best part about this program is the fact that it has shown me how much of a collaborative effort research is. The Friday seminar classes are an occasion for me to showcase and explain my research to my peers. More importantly, it has taught me how to ask and answer questions. These experiences are truly extremely valuable in the scientific community and I feel unbelievably honored to have them.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has made this program a possibility, with special thanks to Dr. Neil Phillip (Bronx Community College) and Dr. Joseph Rachlin (Lehman College). More importantly, thank you to my amazing mentors at Lehman College Dr. Moira Sauane, Dr. Gustavo Lopez, and Anthony Cruz. To my fellow peers in this program, never stop questioning and always keep learning. Download Chery poster

Kemar Wellington

Kemar WellingtonMy name is Kemar Wellington and I’m from Jamaica. I’m currently a science major at Hostos community college, I plan to transfer to a 4 year college and get my B.S. in biology before applying to med school.  Ever since I was a child I have been interested in science and it wasn’t until I attended Hostos that my interest was realized. The close relationship I have developed with the science department has given me opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. They have supported me since my first biology class and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been a part of this STEM project.

The hardest part of the STEM project was picking who to work with! All the professors are working on some very interesting projects and if I could have it my way I would work with them all. I choose to work with Dr. Rachlin because I would get to see what being a biologist would be like. The ability to work out in the field and in the lab with the specimens you caught yourself was what sold me. Although I want to be a physician I feel my work with Dr Rachlin and Dr. Walkintime will help make me a well-rounded scientist and applicant for med school. Working in Dr. Rachlin lab has also given me a taste of what it is like to work as a biologist should I choose not to attend med school. Download Kemar poster

I can’t end without saying how awesome this program is and I feel lucky to be able to have been a part of the second class. It was an honor to meet and work with the science department at Lehman College. They were all very helpful and encouraging and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Kiady Diaz

Kiady DiazMy name is Kiady Diaz, I’m an immigrant from Dominican Republic and a Bronx Community College student pursuing my associate degree in Chemistry. I would like to become a Pharmacologist.  My aim is to be able to make medicine that will heal ailments such as rare allergies, epithelial diseases and others. Science has always amazed me and for that reason I have been drawn to it both personally and intellectually. In the Dominican Republic there were fewer opportunities to achieve my goals. I came to this country four years ago and am excited to be involved with a program that is preparing me to achieve my dreams.

I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to do research at Lehman College. It has been a great experience to do hands on work in a lab freely rather than just studying the theoretical aspects of science. I would like to thank Dr. Neal Phillips for introducing me to the STEM Scholars research program. Special thanks are due to several people at Lehman College who have patiently instructed me, they are David Weisberger, our lab instructor, and Dr. Renuka Sankaran, our mentor. Download Kiady poster

Mabel Marte Taveras

Mabel Marte TaverasOne of the earliest memories I have from my childhood is seeing my aunt in the morning, leaning in the kitchen table while drinking her hot black coffee before going to work with her white, impressive lab coat.  I remember looking up to her and as she went out of the house thinking of her as a much grander person than anybody else, because she had the power of the lab coat, which at my age at the time it always represented the image of a doctor. I always knew that I wanted to be a life changing person, one that influences others and obtains all my goals through sheer effort and hard work. I suppose that looking up to my aunt made me want to be a doctor, someone as grander as she.

My name is Mabel Marte Taveras. A Puerto Rican who’s spent most of her childhood in Dominican Republic. I am an Undergraduate student currently attending Hostos Community College.  As a Science major student I expect after graduation to continue my education in the field of Biology. All this is in preparation to my long-term goal which is to become a medical doctor.

When chosen for the STEM Scholars Research Program I looked forwarded to gaining as much experience as I could and I am not disappointed with the results. The program has enhanced my professional development and improved my abilities in the field of science. I have learned new skills, such as how to undergo MTT assays, how to read a plate reading machine, how to collect data, analyze it in a scientific way and overall I have grown as a person. I could not end this without acknowledging Dr. Moira Sauane, the people working in her lab, such as Cynthia and Cherry Falcon my co-worker in Dr. Sauane’s lab. During this summer I gained a mentor, and friends. Thanks to all the people involved in the program, it has been a pleasure. Download the Mabel Teveras poster

Tchaa Taro

Tchaa TaroMy name is Tchaa Taro, born and raised in West Africa in Togo. When I graduated from High School in Togo in 2009, I was thinking of how I could come over to accomplish my ideas. The first and most idea that I had at that time was to achieve my education in biochemistry and become a doctor. And then, I was also having in my mind as a dream to change my neighborhood by creating a clinic to save some lives. I had seen many people die without medical treatment. All these ideas was coming in my mind as a dream and I thought sometimes that it will be impossible because I’m poor, but I still had hope that I shall overcome one day.

My success started by winning American Green Card Lottery a year later. Hopefully I found myself in the United States in May 2010. Here I thought my dream will become a reality by working hard. I found a job and started working to help my family back home and organized myself to start college. In spring 2012, I decided to attend Bronx Community College where my experience is growing greatly. I’m majoring in Chemistry and I will transfer to a four year college in Biochemistry.

This summer the STEM program at Lehman College give me an opening mind of what I am thinking to do as a career. I learn a lot about advanced laboratory techniques in biochemistry because my research is on computational drug design. It’s an amazing experience that I have because I never know how drugs are designed before starting this program. This is a good path way of my dream, and I’m glad to participate in this program. In addition, my computer skills increased by doing research and making power point representations. I sincerely greet the organizers of this program (Lehman, Hostos, and Bronx Community colleges) to keep it permanently for other STEM students because it is very useful. I especially thank my mentor Dr. Tom Young who was very carefully listening to me and giving me all details, Dr. Joseph Rachlin,Director of the STEM Scholars Program, and Dr. Neal Phillip from Academic Affair at Bronx Community College who gave me the opportunity to be part of STEM scholars. Download the TCHAA poster

Jensen Roubert

Jensen RoubertMy name is Jensen Roubert. I am currently a student at Hostos Community College. After graduating from Hostos, I plan to continue my studies at a 4-year college to attain my bachelor’s degree. My goal is to attain my degree in MLS (Medical Lab Science) and then move on to further studies such as Immunology and/or Microbiology. I can honestly say that I enjoy school and continuing to gain new knowledge and learn about new things.

This is my first involvement in a STEM Scholar’s Program and it has been a great experience. I was asked if I wanted in on the program by one of my professors at Hostos and I accepted the opportunity since it was something new and sounded like a great chance to broaden my knowledge. The kind of experience and knowledge that I have gotten is really more than what I could’ve hoped for. Working in a research lab and doing analysis is basically what I want to do in the future so it is very beneficial to be in that kind of environment or setting early on. The work you do in the program is really interesting and the subject matter you study up on even more so. I encourage anyone looking to gain invaluable experience and a unique academic opportunity to apply for the STEM Scholar program. It has turned to be one of the best decisions I have made in my unsteady college career. I sincerely hope it continues to grow and that students give it the chance it deserves.

I would like to thank God first and foremost, my family for the much needed support, Hostos Community College for the extra chance they gave me. I also give special thanks to those professionals that have guided me into and during the STEM Scholar program. They are Professor Trachman, Dr. Rachlin and Felix Cardona for easing me into the program, and of course Dr. Liesl Jones, my mentor, for dealing with me and keeping my work interesting. I greatly appreciate it. Download Jensen poster