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Student Govenment Association

Student Government Association

The mission of the Lehman College Student Government Association is to enhance student life through advocacy,leadership, and communication. We take pride in creating a state of actively engaged students that willfully participate not only within their institution but in the surrounding community. We are the official representative voiceand exist to empower our student body through the following measures:

Serving as a liaison between the students, faculty, alumni, and administration; diligently serving with integrity, honor, and enthusiasm while always aware of Lehman College's proud tradition of academic excellence; and promoting participation in campus life.

We are also a resource that clubs and organizations may utilize for direct purposes. It serves as a source of financial and physical support to these student organizations. The SGA encourages the growth and development of student organizations on campus through motivating students to participate in social and cultural events, leadership development as well as the governance structure of the institution.


2017-18 Executive Board


Victoria Antonetti, President

Erick Peguero, Vice President for Internal Affairs

Jose Acevedo, Vice President for Student Legislative Assembly

Kevin Ortiz Peña, Vice President for External Affairs

Guillermo Burgos, Chief Financial Officer

Raudys Jimenez, Campus Facilities Officer

Famata Kajakhe, Public Relations Officer

Kimberly Pereyra, Community Actitivities Officer

Daisy Flores, Events Coordinator Officer

Ciara Guzman, Research and Development Officer

Nilima Hussen, Student Outreach Officer

Selina Paulino, Student Services Officer

Janisssi Tapia, Technology and Design Officer