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Student Govenment Association

Student Government

Lehman College Student Government
Student Government exists to provide governance and advocacy on behalf of the student body.

Governing involves making decisions and recommending policies that affect the student body as well as working with faculty, and administrators in various committees to ensure responsible decision making on behalf of the student body.

All students are elected for one-year terms during the Spring Semester. Intention forms are available at the Office of Campus Life.

The Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is composed of 13 officers who are elected every year during the Spring semester.

Students elected to SGA positions are exposed to experiential learning and hands-on experiences. Their responsibilities include creating programs and planning events for all Lehman students, representing the needs of the student body through various committees, and serving as a resource for clubs and organizations. The Student Government manages a budget in excess of $250,000 to fund their initiatives.

Some of the committees SGA members serve on include:

  • Lehman College Auxiliary Enterprise
  • Tech-Fee Committee
  • Lehman College Association For Campus Activities, Inc.
  • The Child Care Committee.

Student Legislative Assembly (SLA)

Student senators represent one-third of the seats at the Lehman College Senate, the governing body for the College. They are responsible for the formulation of academic policy and for legislative and advisory functions related to the programs, standards and goals of the College.

Senators serve in the following committees:

  • Committee on Governance
  • Committee on Admissions
  • Evaluation and Academic Standards
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Committee on Graduate Studies
  • Committee on Academic Freedom
  • Library, Technology and Telecommunications Committee
  • Committee on Campus Life and Facilities
  • Budget and Long Range Planning Committee
  • Senate and FP&B Joint Budget Sub-Committee.

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