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Administration: Office of Campus Activities

Payroll Schedule for Non-tax Levy Services

All Payroll Timesheets for Association and Auxiliary Enterprise will be paid according to the following schedule.

Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022
Pay Period Beginning Pay Period Ending Time Sheet Due Date Pay Date
6-Jun-21 19-Jun-21 21-Jun-21 1-Jul-21
20-Jun-21 3-Jul-21 6-Jul-21** 15-Jul-21
4-Jul-21 17-Jul-21 19-Jul-21 29-Jul-21
18-Jul-21 31-Jul-21 2-Aug-21 12-Aug-21
1-Aug-21 14-Aug-21 16-Aug-21 26-Aug-21
15-Aug-21 28-Aug-21 30-Aug-21 9-Sep-21
29-Aug-21 11-Sep-21 13-Sep-21 23-Sep-21
12-Sep-21 25-Sep-21 27-Sep-21 7-Oct-21
26-Sep-21 9-Oct-21 12-Oct-21** 21-Oct-21
10-Oct-21 23-Oct-21 25-Oct-21 4-Nov-21
24-Oct-21 6-Nov-21 8-Nov-21 18-Nov-21
7-Nov-21 20-Nov-21 22-Nov-21 18-Nov-21
21-Nov-21 4-Dec-24 6-Dec-21 16-Dec-21
5-Dec-21 18-Dec-21 20-Dec-21 30-Dec-21
19-Dec-21 1-Jan-22 4-Jan-22** 13-Jan-22
2-Jan-22 15-Jan-22 17-Jan-22 27-Jan-22
16-Jan-22 29-Jan-22 31-Jan-22 10-Feb-22
30-Jan-22 12-Feb-22 15-Feb-22 24-Feb-22
13-Feb-22 26-Feb-22 28-Feb-22 10-Mar-22
27-Feb-22 12-Mar-22 14-Mar-22 24-Mar-22
13-Mar-22 26-Mar-22 28-Mar-22 7-Apr-22
27-Mar-22 9-Apr-22 11-Apr-22 21-Apr-22
10-Apr-22 23-Apr-22 25-Apr-22 5-May-22
24-Apr-22 7-May-22 9-May-22 19-May-22
8-May-22 21-May-22 23-May-22 2-Jun-22
22-May-22 4-Jun-22 6-Jun-22 16-Jun-22
5-Jun-22 18-Jun-22 20-Jun-22 30-Jun-22
19-Jun-22 2-Jul-22 5-Jul-22** 14-Jul-22
**Schedule Change Due to Holiday