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Adult Learning Center (ALC)

The Lehman College Adult Learning Center (ALC) is one of the leading adult education programs in New York City, annually serving approximately 800 individuals with free classes in Basic Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and English Language Acquisition (ELA), and (TASC™) exam preparation for High School Equivalency diplomas.

The ALC has long been dedicated to meeting the literacy and civics-education needs of adult learners in the Bronx, including those with disabilities. Our students represent a mix of Latino, African, Asian, South American and European heritages; many are recent immigrants. The ALC’s flexibly scheduled morning and evening classes combine educational, community and workforce-development resources so that participants can apply what they learn to their occupational and personal goals, while overcoming critical barriers to employment.

Our Staff

Led by director Patricia Mullen, the ALC’s dedicated team of administrators, instructors and data staff has a proven track record of effective adult education (AE) practices, providing AE services that consistently surpass all NYS outcome benchmarks. To ensure the ALC’s ongoing success, incoming students are individually counseled upon entering the program – a personalized process that continues from intake to completion. These sessions are used to set next steps for each participant’s learning experience, as well as for tracking progress and providing additional support where needed to make every adult student’s educational and career goals a reality.