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Best of the Bronx

About the 'Best of the Bronx'

About the Best of the Bronx"Best of the Bronx" is a series of video vignettes promoting New York City's northernmost borough, produced by Lehman College students, with support by faculty and industry professionals.

While the Bronx is well known for landmarks such as Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, each of the one-minute spots focuses on other Bronx icons. Revolving around the themes of cultural significance as well as dining and entertainment, the series of ten videos profiles locations such as Arthur Avenue's Little Italy, historic Woodlawn Cemetery, Wave Hill, and City Island.

The "Best of the Bronx" vignettes are presented across a variety of platforms, exposing huge numbers of New Yorkers and visitors to the many cultural and historical resources of the Bronx. The channels include NYC life, part of the official network of New York City (Channel 22 on Cablevision and Channel 25 on many other cable providers). The videos are also presented on Taxi-TV, NYC Media Video-On-Demand, BronxNet, and Lehman College's online channels.

The series was supported by the New York City Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, which also allowed Lehman College's School of Arts and Humanities and Multimedia Center to offer master classes in video production while simultaneously producing the series.

Nineteen students joined faculty, staff, and other experts for weekly workshops on all aspects of video and film production: writing, editing, camera operation, sound recording, music scoring, graphic arts, location scouting, hosting, and more. Speakers included Lehman College faculty, representatives of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, professional film editor Holle Singer, and Olga Tirado, executive director of the Bronx Tourism Council.

The "Best of the Bronx" crew then fanned out across the borough to put their new skills in action and showcase the landmarks that distinguish the Bronx. The vignettes are hosted by Lehman College students Maddy Sher and Lawrence Mays.