Financial Aid

Federal Direct Loan

Applying for a Federal Direct Loan (FDL)

Entrance Counseling:

If this is your first FDL at LehmanCollege, you must successfully complete the online entrance counseling session at before your loans can be disbursed. (This requirement does not apply for parent PLUS loans.)

We strongly recommend that all students complete the entrance counseling session, whether required or not, in order to be fully informed as to your rights and responsibilities concerning your loan.

Master Promissory Note:

Your loan CANNOT be disbursed unless you have an active, signed Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file. If you have not already done so, you must sign an electronic Master Promissory Note at Please be sure to sign the correct MPN for the type of loan(s) for which you are applying.

Be aware that the MPN has a life of 10 years (IF you received a loan linked to the MPN within one year of signing) . If it has been (close to) 10 or more years since you received your first loan linked to your MPN, you may need to sign a new one.

Online Federal Direct Loan Application:

The online application is not available at this time. Please download a paper application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Paper FDL Application:

Download a paper FDL application [PDF] and filing information/instructions.

Last modified: Jul 24, 2017

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