Campus Resources to Help Every Student Succeed

Lehman College Counseling Center assists students with emotional, developmental, and psychological concerns that may be affecting their personal and academic growth. The Counseling Center is a safe place for students to talk about any concerns they may have. In addition to being available for crisis intervention, they offer individual and group counseling sessions. They also run workshops in study skills and stress reduction as well as doing individual coaching sessions. They administer something called The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), which is a self-assessment tool to help students see where they might be falling short on specific strategies needed for academic success. For more information visit the webste.             

Lehman College (Old Gym Bldg. Rm 114)    


Students must demonstrate consistently satisfactory writing proficiency in coursework. You are encouraged to have papers proofread and seek tutoring services when needed. The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Science Learning Center (SLC) are two of the tutoring centers on campus. The ACE provides appointment-based and drop-in tutoring in the humanities, social sciences, and writing, as well as general writing and academic skills workshops.  The SLC provides drop-in tutoring for natural science courses. To obtain more information about the ACE and the SLC, please visit their websites.                

ACE at 718-960-8175, and the SLC at 718-960-7707.                  

If you require course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please make an appointment with the instructor as soon as possible.  We recommend that all Lehman College students with disabilities explore the support services and register with the Office of Student Disability Services. Lehman College students with disabilities are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that they be provided equal access to education and reasonable accommodations. In compliance with the ADA and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Lehman is committed to ensuring this educational access and accommodations.  For information and assistance, contact the Office of Student Disability Services.   

Shuster Hall, room 238         


The Student Health Center deals with more than just on-campus accidents or emergencies. They offer everything from annual physicals to blood tests to low cost prescription drugs (including antibiotics, birth control, inhalers) and over-the-counter drugs (including allergy pills, pain killers, and Plan B (emergency contraception). They also have clinics to help you sign up for healthcare.              

Old Gym Building Room B008.         


Formerly Career Services. Students can take assessments to identify strengths and interests which suggest different occupations. They can explore ‘what can one do with this major. Particularly if you are not planning on going to graduate school or if you want to work for a while before pursuing a graduate degree. The office sponsors workshops in how to write a resume, how to develop an "elevator pitch", and doing practice job interviews. They post links to internships, sponsor a yearly job fair, and have an on-line job bank where employers can post openings.         

Shuster 254             


Did you know you can pursue a psychology-related career WITHOUT necessarily having to complete even the BA, let alone a graduate degree. Students can complete certificate programs either as an addon to their graduate degree or as a stand-alone certification. Check out the website for descriptions of all the available Certificate Programs.

The one that appeals most to many psychology students is the Certificate Program that is part of the requirements needed to become a New York State licensed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) . (Students will also have to pass a NY State test and meet other requirements to become licensed.) While many of the people who pick up this credential are Social Workers, one only needs a high school diploma (or GED) to become certified. This, therefore, is a viable route for anyone who wants to work in the field but is not graduate school bound. There are other certificates which might appeal to psychology majors as well. Other natural matches might be the Early Childhood Development Professional Certificate Program in the Bronx or students might be interested in becoming a Patient Care Coordinator. Patient Care Coordinators work in hospital, clinic, and outpatient settings to help empower patients to gain coordinated access to care. They earn around $54,000 a year. Only a GED is required. But everyone should take some time to explore all their offerings. Students might be excited to learn they can take courses to become a licensed real estate professional or a wedding planner, for example. These are all very interesting alternatives that do not require students to complete their B.A.s first.

Carman Hall (CA) Room 128.   



The food pantry provides ingredients to make healthy meals to any Lehman students who need help. It is open every Monday, from 4:00 PM to 8:45 PM, and Wednesday &Thursday, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Students must bring their Lehman IDs and own bags. If students cannot come at the times the pantry is normally open, they should email.             

Student Life Building, Room 120     


Lehman manages a small Micro Grant Program, which may be able to help Lehman students get through financial hardships and emergencies. Funds are administered through the Office of Student Affairs  Warning: Funds are limited and they sometimes run out in any given year.      

Shuster 204


This office provides a wide array of support services for active military members and veterans.        

Shuster Hall, Room 201A/B