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PSY 485: Independent Study in Psychology: Course Description

Individual research project (e.g., research/lab, library, or community-based), under the direction of a member of the Psychology faculty. APA style written report is required for each semester of work. (maximum 6 credits; only 3 credits may be applied to requirements of the major).


  • Overall GPA: 2.75
  • Psychology GPA: 3.0
  • Minimum 9 credits in Psychology completed at Lehman
  • Instructor’s permission (Faculty member who you are working with)


Types of Independent Study Projects

  • Research: Develop either an outline of a research project that you wish to conduct or a brief description of your participation in an existing research project.
  • Library: Meet with a faculty mentor to develop an approved reading list for your area of interests, including books, and at least 8-10 original research. A final paper is expected to be at least 25 double spaced typed pages with one inch margins, including text and references.
  • Community-based: Find an agency and supervisor who agrees to act as your on-site supervisor in a community mental-health or social services setting. Average of 9 to 12 hours per week of on-site community service that involves direct contact with clients and must have relevance to clinical psychology or some area of applied psychology. Written log of your experiences at the placement site, or a paper tying your experiences into some related topic in psychology (e.g., a discussion of the relevance of a particular clinical paradigm to the population that you worked with) is required.

PSY 495: Honors Research in Psychology: Course Description

Research project under the direction of a member of the Psychology faculty that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to Psychology. Required for graduation with Honors in Psychology. Granting of credit will be contingent upon presentation of a report of the research at a Departmental seminar and the filing of a formal APA-style research paper in the Departmental office before the end of the senior year.


  • Overall GPA: 3.2
  • Psychology GPA: 3.5
  • Minimum 12 credits in Psychology completed at Lehman
  • Instructor’s permission (Faculty member who you are working with)
  • PSY 305 either pre- or co-requisite.


*Note that PSY 495 students will have to complete 38 credits in the major, not just the standard 35.

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. In 2004, it will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. It also is one of the nation's largest honor societies and has become a major source of funding and support for research, especially by undergraduate students. Students pay a one-time membership fee.

At Lehman, our chapter has been recognized as one of the most outstanding chapters in the nation. In 2000, we received a Regional Chapter Award and a Regional Faculty Advisor Award. Chapter officers presented a well-attended workshop at the 2001 conference of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) on Keeping Your Psi Chi Chapter Alive and Kicking that included then-National President Peter Giordano as a discussant. In 2002, our officers presented a symposia at the conference of the American Psychological Society in New Orleans on Engaging Undergraduates in Research.

In 2001, we received the Ruth Hubbard Cousins National Chapter Award. This award is presented each year to one chapter "for outstanding programming of activities, effective membership practices, responsible participation in regional and national activities, and for best achieving the purpose of Psi Chi to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology." Also in 2001, Prof. Vincent Prohaska, our previous faculty adviser, received the Florence L. Denmark National Faculty Adviser Award. This award is presented each year to one faculty adviser "for outstanding contributions to Psi Chi and Psychology."

In more recent years, the Psi Chi chapter at Lehman has continued this strong tradition, earning several model capter awards and making number presentations at the annual Eastern Psychology Association conferences in Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.

For more information, contact us at:

Psychology Club

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to provide opportunities for all students to learn about psychology and its varied sub-fields and to meet others with this interest. The club also provides opportunities for students who might be interested in psychology as a potential major to learn about the field and the program at Lehman.

To join or learn more visit: or contact us at 

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What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks 5.1.2 is a computerized advising and degree progress audit system that assesses coursework against degree requirements to track progress towards graduation. The application provides a degree audit, which is a comprehensive snapshot of your academic record evaluated against the requirement areas for a specific degree.

The purpose of DegreeWorks is to enrich advising by providing accurate and comprehensive information that can be used in consultation with an advisor to project a path to graduation. All students are encouraged to contact their advisor for academic advisement. Many academic plans (majors/minors) and subplans (concentrations, options or tracks) call for the selection of course work in consultation with an advisor. Furthermore, advisors can proactively anticipate challenges and adjust programs as needed. For more information on DegreeWorks: click here

Alternative Credit Options/Credit for Prior Learning

The Alternative Credit Option/CPL Progam aims to assist students in identifying alternative low-cost opportunities to earn credits towards the completion of their degrees. We recognize that many of our students have a considerable amount of learning, work, and life experience that might be applicable for college credit. For further information regarding the alternative options: click here

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The Pipeline Program is a CUNY-wide initiative designed to provide educational and financial support to CUNY undergraduates from groups currently underrepresented in our nation's universities who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in preparation for college-level teaching and advanced research.

Research has shown that the transition from the undergraduate to graduate education worlds is particularly difficult for students from underrepresented groups. Some difficulties are related to socio-economic factors (inability to afford graduate school or the need to support family members) while others can be categorized as cultural factors (like an unfamiliarity with terms, rules, or expectations in the graduate education world).

The Pipeline Program attempts to break down these barriers (or at least minimize them) so students with intellectual potential have an equal shot at being amazing graduate students, inspirational professors, serious researchers, and life-changing mentors.

The program is a year-long program that includes several components including monthly colloquia, a summer institute, and a research project and conference. It accepts students in any discipline except law, business and medicine. 

Laptop/Device & WiFi Loan Program
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