Celia Cruz
Doctoral Lecturer (Co-Coordinator): Math Education
Middle & High School Education



Dr. Celia Cruz is a Doctoral Lecturer who has a joint appointment in both the Department of Mathematics and Middle and High School Education (MHSE) at Lehman College, CUNY. She teaches pure mathematics and mathematics pedagogy courses both for the undergraduate and graduate level. She serves as co-coordinator and co-adviser for the Graduate Mathematics Education program (MHSE) and as the adviser for the MA Mathematics and Instruction program at the Department of Mathematics. She also coordinates the Algebra for All Micro-credential program at Lehman College. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education program, Major in Mathematics at De La Salle University, Philippines. Her dissertation investigated the effects of a Constructivist-Based Teaching Approach on Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Introductory Calculus.

Dr. Cruz is currently engaged in research related to teachers’ beliefs and practices in teaching and learning mathematics and on exploring constructivist- based models for teaching mathematics. She is also interested in investigating literacy connections on mathematics learning.

Prior to becoming a faculty at Lehman College, Dr. Cruz was a Full Professor at Philippine Normal University for 19 years, and a Mathematics 7-12 teacher in the Bronx for 11 years, three years of which she served concurrently as an adjunct faculty at Lehman College. She was also a Math for America (MfA) master teacher for five years.

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