Immaculee Harushimana
Professor, Graduate Program in Foreign Language
Middle & High School Education


Immaculée Harushimana is Professor of English Education and TESOL at Lehman College, CUNY. A recipient of 1993 and 2019 Fulbright awards, Professor Harushimana teaches Language and Literacy and TESOL courses in the Department of Middle and High School Education. Her major area of inquiry is in critical linguistics, with a special interest in multilingual identities, linguistic justice, and alternative discourses. Related research features: English Language Instruction in Burundi Elementary Grades in JEIL, Reprocessing Race, Language and Ability: African-Born Educators and Students in Transnational America (2013), and African Immigrants’ Experiences in American Schools: Complicating the Race Discourse (2016). The escalation of anti-black racism in the United States has compelled Professor Harushimana to join and lead the department’s anti-racism/DEI advocacy taskforce. Her preliminary publications in that area are featured in the co-edited special issue, Preserving Black Lives through Transformative Pedagogies in Education, published in the Journal for Multicultural Education (2021).

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