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Study Abroad Financial Aid FAQ's

Is there financial aid available for students who want to study abroad?

  • Yes. For students who are not awarded TAP or PELL, there are student loans.

Is everyone eligible for financial aid in order to study abroad?

  • Not everyone. Financial aid awards have different criteria based mainly on the student’s financial need. Students must also meet the school’s academic standards in order to be eligible.

What steps do I need to follow in order to apply for financial aid for a study abroad session?

  • Fill out a FAFSA application form.
  • Touch base with the Study Abroad Office. (Carman Hall 337)
  • If the student is currently receiving TAP then the courses must coincide with their graduation plan. Will the credits completed abroad fulfill a major or minor requirement?

If I am currently awarded TAP and PELL can I use this aid to finance my session abroad?

  • Yes. There are two types of programs: one is identified as Study Abroad and the other as Exchange. Exchange programs utilize TAP and PELL awards. In addition, exchange program participants pay CUNY tuition. Study Abroad programs will many times accept PELL.

Can I take out a loan for a study abroad session?

  • Yes.

If yes, will I have to pay back the loan immediately? When do I pay back the loan?

  • If you drop below six (6) credits, you are required to pay back the loan six months later.

I want to do a short-term session abroad (summer, winter) will financial aid help me finance this?

  • Yes, the deadline is on the Financial Aid website.
  • Generally, no later than April 15th prior to the Fall semester for which the student wishes to receive financial aid.

Will financial cover all the costs of my study abroad session?

  • There is a budget. There are limits to how much financial aid the student will be awarded.

How much Financial Aid could a student receive for one semester?

  • It depends on several factors. The budget of the program, the student’s financial need, etc. (discuss with a financial aid officer.)

Do I need certain grades?

  • Yes, most Study Abroad and Exchange programs have grade requirements. The student must also meet Lehman’s academic standards.