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Administration: Office of the Vice President

Administration and Finance


Strategic Vision Statement

The Lehman College Division of Administration and Finance is a collaborative, inspired and innovative team of interdependent departments and professionals. Our team strives to provide a wide range of exceptional and essential services in support of the College’s core academic mission.

Our division aspires to serve as exemplary stewards of the College, supporting, encouraging and developing its human, financial, and physical assets while simultaneously conserving natural resources. Our overarching goal is to create and maintain a safe, secure, healthy, attractive and fiscally stable environment, which contributes to the individual achievement of students, faculty, and staff.  Our mission of service contributes to the transformation of lives and the enhancement of our college community, our neighborhood, and visitors to our campus. 

We proudly adhere to the Core Values of the Division of Administration and Finance: Accountability, Cooperation, Dependability, Honesty, Integrity, Open Communication, Respect and Trust. These Core Values guide our daily interaction with the Lehman College Community, as we endeavor to meet our goals.

Rene Rotolo

Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer
Office: Shuster Hall, Room 355
Phone: 718-960-8539/8226

Alice Jenkins

Assistant to the Vice President
Office: Shuster Hall, Room 355
Phone: 718-960-8539

Diane Clarke

Director of Administrative Operations
Office: Shuster Hall, Room 357
Phone: 718-960-4991

Office Fax: 718-960-7135