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Lehman L.I.F.E.

Lehman L.I.F.E. supports service opportunities for students by creating awareness of need in communities around the world and fostering action through volunteer work. Our main goal is to increase awareness of issues affecting humanity from our campus to the global society.

Students have traveled to Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Cincinnati, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Kenya to perform community service efforts and aid other communities in their own sustainability. Each year, we begin planning for the following academic year's trips. If you would like to get involved, please contact our office right away!

Students are required to fundraise or pay for 100% of their Lehman L.I.F.E. trip.

The application for the Lehman L.I.F.E. Program Spring 2016 is now closed.

Application for admissions to the Lehman L.I.F.E. Program Spring 2017 will open in Fall 2016

Spring 2016 Trips

Travel Dates: April 22, 2016 - April 30, 2016

Jamaica Volunteer Programs - St. Andrew, Jamaica

Jamaica Volunteer Programs is a Jamaican owned and operated organization. "Nobody knows Jamaica like Jamaicans". This means that we will be treated as though we are relatives from overseas and provided with a home away from home.

We know you want to make an impact in the communities you work, so Jamaica Volunteer Programs looks for specific needs where you can have a lasting and positive impact on the local people.

By identifying the needs, providing resources and skills, you'll make the long and lasting impact you wanted. In many schools, classes are overcrowded and understaffed so your help will provide the one-on-one interaction the students need.

Orphanage - Do you love working with children and want to share your love? Volunteer in an Orphanage and share your interests and skills with children who have no parents. Jamaica is a poor country with a high level of unemployment. A trip around the city and any major town will allow you to see children especially young boys begging at major traffic intersections. Many of these teens end up in Orphanages and government homes waiting for someone to offer them hope and inspiration.

Building Maintenance - Do you like to work with your hands doing building construction, carpentry, painting, plumbing or other general maintenance work? If you do, come to Jamaica for your college Spring Break and be part of a team that will make a difference in repairing schools and orphanages.

Get more out of your trip by combining cultural immersion, meaningful work and excursions. At the end of your trip, you'll walk away with an experience of a lifetime.

RE-MEMBER: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Volunteering with RE-MEMBER is an emotional and life-changing event. During your visit to Pine Ridge Reservation, you will witness the extreme poverty afflicting the Lakota people of Pine Ridge.

You Will Work

There's plenty of work to be done around Pine Ridge Reservation! Building bunk beds, repairing leaking roofs, and skirting trailers are just a few of the projects you may encounter during your volunteer trip to RE-MEMBER.

It can be difficult for many of our volunteers to see the conditions that many Oglala Lakota families of Pine Ridge call home. Many children have never slept on a bed with a mattress of their own - many sleep on the floor, or in shared beds. Through our Bunk Beds for Children program, our volunteers and staff construct hundreds of beds each year. Each step of the process - from constructing the wood frame to placing the pillow - is more than just part of "building a bed". You are helping to rebuild a relationship, and provide hope for the future of the Oglala Lakota children of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

To create a more tolerable environment for the people living in trailers, our volunteers install a "skirting" underneath the trailer. This enclosure makes the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Some regions of Pine Ridge, South Dakota are lacking the basic infrastructure to provide water and sewer for homes. In order to provide a more livable environment, we construct outhouses for people living on the reservation.

Because of the extreme poverty found on Pine Ridge, those who are fortunate enough to live in a home, usually cannot afford to maintain it. In fact, most of these "homes" are not even houses or trailers - they are shelters without running water, windows, doors, or even heating.
Having adequate shelter is a necessity of life. Unfortunately, it is not the reality on the reservation. Working together, our volunteers and staff help to provide a more human living environment by building or repairing roofs, plumbing, and many other common home needs.

Construction Projects

  • Roofing
  • Indoor plumbing
  • General Maintenance & Repairs
  • Minor residential construction

Please don't be scared of the work! We promise the experience of volunteering, is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Lots of Fun

After the work, there is always plenty of fun. Nightly reflections about a day’s work, craft nights, and arranged tours to the badlands are common after hours activities.

A Spiritual Culture RE-MEMBER exists to build relationships with the Lakota People.


RE-MEMBER has two facilities with "dorm rooms" outfitted with bunk beds. There are ten showers, eight toilets, and one outdoor facility. There is a complete kitchen where everyone engages in cooking and cleanup.

Trip Requirements for All Students

The application for the Lehman L.I.F.E. Program Spring 2016 is now closed.
  • Attend a Lehman L.I.F.E. Info Session - Required for All Applicants
  • Turn in Application to the Office of Community Engagement, Old Gym Room 302
  • Sign up for an interview when you return your application
  • Complete 25 hours of service with Community Engagement
  • Participate in all pre-trip meetings – These are mandatory
  • Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • Fundraise with the group to help cover the cost of the trip
  • Pay the balance remaining on your account, after fundraising is calculated
  • Sign and return the appropriate liability release forms
  • Sign and abide by the alcohol and substance use agreement
  • Fulfill all immunization requirements if necessary for trip location.
  • Attend the Alternative Spring Break trip in full
  • Be a responsible and involved group member – Be present!
  • Have a positive attitude throughout the entire Lehman L.I.F.E. process