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International Student Services at Lehman College


Step 1 | Apply For Your Form I-20

Before you apply for your Form I-20 BEFORE YOUR APPLY!

Have you received a letter or email of admission to Lehman College?

1) YES, I have received a letter (or email) of admission

2) NO, I have not received a letter (or email) of admission

If you are a "Current Student" at Lehman and wish to continue to study at Lehman please contact our International Student Advisor immediately! Do not let your Form I-20 expire!

New and transfer students:
To apply for your Form I-20 you must have a letter of admission to Lehman College

YES, I have received a letter (or email) of admission

If you answered YES, you are eligible to apply for your Form I-20.

1. Download and complete the appropriate Form I-20 "Application" here.

2. Submit your completed Form I-20 application and documents to:

Attention: DSO, International Student & Scholar Office
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Shuster Hall, Room 210
Bronx, NY 10468 | USA

3. Allow up to 10 business days for the International Advisor to review and/or process your Form I-20 application. The international office will contact you if additional documentation is needed.

4. After reviewing and processing your application, we will contact you as soon as your Form I-20 is ready.

    Here are your Form I-20 pickup and mailing options:

  • You, a friend or family member may come to ISSO pick up your I-20 Monday – Thursday to pick your I-20. Please email to let us know the date/time; and the name, phone number, and email address of the person picking up your I-20. Be reminded: the person must present photo identification at the time of pick up.
  • You can arrange for DHL, FedEx or other express mail services to mail your I-20 to you. All costs are incurred by you. Choose the express mail courier best for you. Arrange for the Express Mail/ Courier service agent to pick up your I-20 from the Lehman College, International Student and Scholar Office, Shuster Hall 210, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx NY 10468; 718-960-7274; ; Monday – Thursday between 10:00am – 4:00pm.
  • You may ask us, ISSO to mail your I-20 via regular U.S. postal service. ISSO cannot express mail documents This delivery system could take up to 2-4 weeks to be received by you. NOTE: ISSO cannot the I-20 or any other U.S. federal document to a third party address.

After you receive your Form I-20 please "sign", "date" and make sure that the information on the Form I-20 are accurate. Contact an International Student Advisor if any change on the form is needed.

Step 2 Apply for your F-1 visa
NO, I have not received a letter (or email) of admission
If you have not applied for admission to Lehman College, please apply for admissions to one of the following academic programs.

Bachelor’s Degree
Shuster Hall Room 161

Shuster Hall Room 150

If you have applied for admission to Lehman College but you have not received a letter or email of admission to Lehman College, please check the status of your CUNY/Lehman application here: CUNY Admissions Application Status website.

Carman Hall Room 128