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Comparative Literature Program at Lehman College

About Comparative Literature

The interdepartmental major in Comparative Literature leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Comparative Literature investigates literary works from the perspective of more than one national literature; works are often studied in conjunction with other intellectual disciplines, such as anthropology, the arts, history, and philosophy. Traditionally, comparatists have focused on literary movements, genres, and historical periods, and on the history of literary themes and ideas. Comparatists are interested in Western, non-Western, and emergent literatures, in minor genres like biography, in the history of education and the theory of reading, in women's studies, and in literary theory. The major in Comparative Literature has historically been among the popular choices for students minoring in Early Childhood and Childhood Education.

Welcome, Irish Track Students

We welcome the newest group of students matriculated in the Comparative Literature B.A. program, students of Irish language and literature. Irish is a Gaelic language of the Celtic branch of the Indo-European family. It possesses one of the oldest literatures in Europe. Lehman College is the home of the CUNY Institute for Irish-American Studies and, fittingly, the Department of Languages and Literatures offers a wide variety of Irish language and literature courses. Check out the Irish Track of the B.A. in Comparative Literature for more information.