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About Us

Our Team
Kimberly Kendall
Kimberly Kendall
Kimberly Kendall, Director of Workforce Education Programs, has over 20 years of experience in creating opportunities for economic advancement through training and education programs. Kimberly started her career as an ESOL teacher and went on to lead workforce programs at LaGuardia Community College first as a director in 2010 and later as Interim Assistant Dean of Workforce Development in 2019. Kimberly received her MBA from the Deming Honors Program at Fordham University and BS from Dickinson College.
Dorothy Dobson
Dorothy Dobson
Dorothy Dobson, Assistant Director of Workforce Education Programs, earned her MA in History and a BA in History with a minor in Secondary Education from Lehman College. She began working for Lehman College’s SEEK Program as a Supplemental and Adjunct Instructor in 2008. In 2009, she began teaching for the English Department and the SCPS Workforce Education Programs. Since 2015, she transitioned from teaching to her current position with the Workforce Education Programs.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for professional advancement of the New York City residents by providing contract-based customized training in various content areas adhering to academic standards set by Lehman College and professional licensing bodies.

We offer customized training, with curriculum developed around your needs and goals, flexible scheduling and affordable group rates to unions, businesses, agencies and nonprofit organizations. Courses listed on this website, as well as other training based on your specific, individual needs, can be offered on site at your location.

Workforce and Career Pathways

For over 30 years, Lehman College’s Workforce Education Programs have responded to the emerging training needs of adult workers. The School has embraced a workforce development model which is based on collaboration with all stakeholders—educators, employers, community organizations, funding agencies, etc.—involved in the students’ educational and career pathways. An important feature of this model is a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs and interests of the students through customized, contextualized curricula. The success of this format was recognized by New York City Employment and Training Coalition in 2010 who gave Lehman College an award for encouraging career advancement in a growth sector. The collaborative model ensures:

  • Group management
  • Student support
  • Internship placement
  • Connectivity
  • Networking

Our Success is Our Students

The Lehman Workforce Education Programs helped thousands of students complete college degrees and obtain professional certificates. In the past five years, 744 students became certified in Allied Health areas; 1,527 were prepared to enter college; and 351 students graduated with MSN and BSN degrees.

Here is what our students say about their experiences:

"The BSN and MSN cohort programs have been such a great influence on my nursing career, as it has enhanced my abilities to speak to the efficacy of procedures and be more involved in shared governance programs to improve current practices. These cohort programs have helped me build professional relationships with various nurses from different units who have similar goals. I have been very pleased with both programs." Vasiliki Giatas, RN, current MSN student

"Lehman’s Workforce Programs provided a gateway for me into college to achieve my lifelong dream of getting a college education." Jason Laguerre, current BSN student

"The MD-RN program changed my life. As a medical doctor educated in the DR, I appreciate the opportunity to do what I love – help people heal." Carmen Sanchez, RN, current FNP student

"I was interested in doing the work as a HHA because I like helping people but I didn’t know how to go about getting the schooling and certificate. My best friend was already a student at Lehman College and she told me that Lehman is a really good school. I am happy that I was able to finish the training here. Since graduating, I have been working 40 hours a week. Things are better for me and my family and I have the school to thank for this. The training at Lehman College showed me that there is more to being a Home Health Aide than just cooking and cleaning for someone. So much so, that I have begun the process to enroll as a Nursing student at Lehman College." Kristal Dixon, Lehman HHA program graduate of December 2016

"The Colloquium Series Program allowed me to take the baby steps I needed to take at that time which later turned into giant steps for me. It prepared me to be able to enroll in the HC4 Program, starting college in January, 2018. I encourage all current students to take full advantage of the program because it provides you with all the necessary resources to get you into college." Michael Hernandez, enrolled HC4 student

"I urged anyone trying to get a smooth transition back into college to enroll in the Colloquium Series Program and take every opportunity like the in-class and the one-on-one tutoring, seriously. This program has played a pivotal role in my transition back into getting a college education." Janet Perez, enrolled HC4 student