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Contact Us

General/Front Desk

Phone: 718-960-8512

Bahrami, Samira

Director of CUNY on the Concourse

Beltrez, Nancy

Office Manager for small Business Development Center

Colon, Nancy

Finance Budget Coordinator

Drago-Dowling, Maryann

Registrar Continuing &Professional Studies

Gomez, Hicania

Senior Academic Advisor

Hinden, Pamela

Director of the Adult Degree Program

Kimberly Kendall

Director of Workforce Education Programs

MacKillop, Jane


Mateo, Radhames

Institutional Research & Information Manager

Murtaza, Goher

Director of Continuing Education

Perez, Brenda

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Rafti, Phyllis

Coordinator/Professional Development

Soriano, Fanny

Budget Director

Stanley, Clarence

Director Small Business Development Center

Important References

Program Coordinators, Directors and other Advisement

If you have a specific question about a course or program that staff cannot answer, you may contact our program coordinator or you can make an appointment may be made in advance of registration.

Alcholism and Substance Abuse Conselor (CASAC):

Rory Gilbert, Coordinator
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-8864. He often meets with students on Saturday mornings/early afternoons.

Allied Health: HHA, C.N.A., Nurse Tech, EKG & PLB Tech:

Alder Davis, Allied Health Coordinator
Email: or Jeffrey Davis at JEFFD0803@YAHOO.COM

Allied Health: Clinical Medical Assistant:

Sheldon Stallings, Coordinator.
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-8320.

Allied Health: Pharmacy Technician:

Thomas Frisco, Coordinator.
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-6945.

Allied Health: Dental Assistant:

Angel Morales
Call/leave message at 646-286-8080.

Business and Finance:

Lynn Karam, Coordinator.
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-5182

Child Care Program (CDA PREP):

Harriet Mendl, Coordinator.

Computer Information Technology

A+ Technician and CISCO / CCNA:

John Dono, Coordinator.
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-8667.

English as a Second Language:

Brenda Perez
Email: call/leave message at 718-960-8659.

Family Development Traning and Credentialing:

Phyllis Rafti, Coordinator
Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-8155.

Lehman Academy: Children & Teens:

Email: or call/leave message at 718-960-8512.

High School Exam Prep/College and Career Rediness Readiness - TASC:

Krishel Castellanos, Coordinator.
Email: call/leave message at 718-960-8923.

Medical / Surgical Coding and Billing:

Miriam Cooney, Coordinator.
Email: call/leave message at 718-960-7322

Teacher Certification Classes, Online, Online Classes, Disability & Financial Aid:

Maryann Drago-Dowling.
Email: call/leave message at 718-960-8077

Adult Degree Programs:

Pamela Hinden, Director
Email: call/leave message at 718-960-8666.