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Information Technology

Technology in the Classroom

The evolution of classroom technology at Lehman has resulted in the development of a tiered approach to TEC design and implementation. Each tier was designed to add an additional level of functionality to the classroom. The following summarizes the typical components in each classroom tier.

  • Tier 1/Standard Classroom (SR): Includes: projector, screen, wall control panel connection and speaker system. Lehman has 146 (in select locations) classrooms in this tier.
  • Tier 2/Standard Classroom Plus (SR+): Includes SR (above) and adds DVD-VHS and or Blu-ray player, compact lectern with desktop computer and microphones*. Some classrooms may include a lockable cabinet and a Smartboard or Smart Podium. Lehman has 46 classrooms in this tier.
  • Tier 3/Advanced Presentation Space (APS): Includes SR+ (above) and adds multimedia lectern, touch screen control panel, computer (osX and Windows), lectern microphone, handheld* and over the head* microphone. A document camera and/or video camera. Lehman has 16 classrooms in this tier.

* In Select Locations

Technology Equipped Classroom Listing

Visit our Lehman Connect Technology in the Classroom site (login required) to see the full suite of technology options for each building.