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Africana Studies: Your Window to the World

In Sankofa spirit, Africana Studies appraises the past, examines the present, and seeks to shape the future of our globalized world by highlighting the cultural, historical, philosophical, and political contributions of Black people in Africa throughout the African diaspora.

What can you do with an Africana Studies Degree?


A Major in Africana Studies prepares students for graduate studies leading to M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and careers in education, business, law & criminal justice, medicine & health, community development, federal, state, and city civil service, diplomatic service, non-governmental organizations, research, and teaching on various levels. The broad-based interdisciplinary and intersectional grounding of an Africana Studies Major creates flexibility in critical thinking, which allows for greater adaptation to various professional opportunities. 
Students take Africana Studies courses to increase their awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the history, cultures, philosophies, and contributions of peoples of African descent. Many students choose to double Major in Africana Studies and another discipline to enhance their career and professional goals.

A Minor in Africana Studies gives students a comprehensive academic understanding of the field's major concepts, themes, and concerns. The program enhances a wide range of Majors, most notably for students who are interested in Anthropology, Art, Business, Education, English, History, Journalism, Languages and Literatures, Law, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, and beyond. A Minor in Africana Studies also enhances the attractiveness of a candidate to prospective employers in varied fields. See Resources for Students.

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