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History Department at Lehman College

From the Chair, Marie C. Marianetti

Faculty members in the Department are committed to excellence in narrative and analytical historical reading and writing. They offer a variety of services to students who wish to improve their reading or writing skills, or who wish to pursue a historical problem in more depth than class time permits. Students may also study with members of the faculty on independent reading or research projects. - Marie Marianetti

We are available Monday - Friday 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. If you would like to contact the Department, or if you have general questions, please contacts us by phone at (718) 960-8288. You can also email Laura Guerrero, Office Assistant, or Professor Marie Marianetti, Department Chair, through the following options:,,

For questions regarding the undergraduate History Major/minor, please contact Professor Robert Valentine, Undergraduate Advisor either in person (Carman Hall, Room 299) or via email: You can also email Laura Guerrero ( (emails will be answered as soon as possible).

For questions regarding the 30-credit graduate History Porgram, please contact Professor Amanda Wunder, Graduate Program Director ( & Laura Guerrero ( (emails are usually answered within the hour).

Are you an ACE (Accelerate Complete Engage) Student? Here is the information for you!


ACE History 2-Year Track (36-credit major) (click here)

ACE History Middle/High School Education Certification Sequence 2-Year Track (30-credit major) (click here)


ACE History 4-Year Track (36-credit major) - (click here)

ACE History Middle/High School Education Certification Sequence 4-Year Track (click here)

History Department's Mission Statement

Through research, teaching, and community outreach, the Department of History seeks to explain how different societies have changed over time. Our research and teaching emphasize the critical analysis of primary sources. We help our students and the wider public understand the implications of changes in the past for the world today.

History Department's Learning Goals and Objectives