Learning Goals and Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics at Lehman College of the City University of New York is to provide students with a strong learning experience based on the knowledge of theoretical and applied linguistics related to languages of the world.

Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Students will develop an understanding of the basic components of linguistic knowledge

  • 1.1. Describe and analyze how sound patterns work
  • 1.2. Describe and analyze morphological data
  • 1.3. Describe and analyze syntactic data
  • 1.3. Describe and analyze semantic data

Goal II: Students will be able to analyze data from the structure of a language other than English

  • 2.1. Identify the structural and cultural features of a foreign language other than English
  • 2.2. Describe sound, word, sentence, and discourse differences across languages and dialects

Goal III: Students will demonstrate knowledge of sociopolitical and historical aspects of language

  • 3.1. Explain the major theories and linguistic approaches to the study of language
  • 3.2. Describe language change and language variation
  • 3.3. Describe aspects of the relationship between language and society