Music, Multimedia, Theatre & Dance
We are excited to begin the academic year with new programs, and renewed energy to make Lehman’s performing arts programs a destination for student creativity.

Our undergraduate programs put students in the spotlight. Whether you are a musician, dancer, or actor, we have performance opportunities for you from choral singing, jazz bands, urban and improvisational dance, to contemporary drama. And you don’t have to be a major to perform with us! Our programs prepare the next generation of teachers, composers, playwrights, directors, and arts managers. Our multimedia programs engage the latest in digital audio and video technology with access to one of the finest recording studios in New York City. Courses in Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts Management, Music Therapy, Stagecraft, along with Professional Internships and Practicum provide professional experience and insight to start your career in the performing arts.



Please visit the Advising page of the department to schedule an advising appointment.

The combined Master's Degree in Applied Music and Music Teaching offers students who have already earned a bachelor's degree and developed a professional level of performance ability the opportunity to continue serious study in music while simultaneously developing teaching competency. The Advanced Certificate in Applied Music and Music Teaching offers students with a Ph.D., Ed.D, D.M.A., or in certain cases, a Master’s degree in Music, a pathway to fulfill the required courses for music certification in New York Public School system. The programs are designed to prepare students to apply for K-12 certification in New York State. Upon successful completion of additional certification requirements, including specified teacher examinations, candidates will be eligible to receive Initial Certification to teach music in New York State in grades K-12.

On behalf of all the performing arts faculty, I invite you to join us this year. Attend a performance, audition for an ensemble and/or a production, take a class. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, or a community member we look forward to welcoming you!

Diana M. Battipaglia, D.M.A
Professor and Department Chair