Preparing for Grad School

A philosophy major is excellent preparation for a wide range of graduate degrees, perhaps including some you haven’t considered:

  • With an M.P.P or M.P.A, you can work in a wide range of careers both inside and outside the government sector, including:
    • policy development
    • program analysis
    • public relations
    • advocacy work
    • campaign operations.
  • Philosophy majors score highly on the GMAT and are often preferred by M.B.A. programs to traditional business students.
  • With an M.B.A, you can work in consulting, marketing, communications, program management, and more.
  • With a J.D., you can explore the wide range of careers within the law, as well as many successful careers including; journalism, government, and publishing.
  • A Ph.D. qualifies you to become a full-time professor.

Your degree in philosophy can open doors to all of the above.

Email for pre-graduate advisement and to discuss your options.

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Pursue a Graduate Degree in Philosophy

Why would you want to do that?

First, there is the money

  • The expected lifetime earnings for someone without a high school degree is $973,000; with a high school diploma, $1.3 million; with a bachelor's degree, $2.3 million; with a master's degree, $2.7 million; and with a doctoral degree (excluding professional degrees), $3.3 million. 
  • If you’ve enjoyed your philosophy courses and want to continue on that path, Ph.D. programs pay Philosophy students in living expenses and free tuition. 

Then, there is loving what you do.

If you’ve scored mostly A’s and some B’s in your Philosophy course, consider enrolling in an M.A. or Ph.D. program.

The graduate application process takes time and planning. You need: letters of reference, a strong GRE score, an impressive writing sample, and a compelling statement of purpose.

You can put these together on your own but Lehman Philosophy Department faculty are eager to help you with the application process. Here’s how:

  • Take the 3 credit PHI 481 Readings in Philosophyclass as an independent study for students preparing for grad school. Every step of your application will be supported in this course.
  • Take the 3-credit PHI 482 Honors tutorial if you want to both apply to grad school and write an honors thesis.
  • Take the GRE prep course PHI 265, for credit or no credit.
  • Inquire about LSAT and MCAT prep courseswhen you register next.
  • Stay up to date by attending PHI Department GOING ON eventseach semester. 

For more information and advice about which courses to take, please contact, Philosophy Department Chair, Professor Julie Maybee,

Ready to Apply?

Our faculty members are happy to help you navigate the process. They’ll even proof-read and edit your application documents.

For recommendations from a faculty member, please reach out directly to the faculty member ahead of time before completing your applications. You’ll need to make sure they are willing to recommend you.

Many faculty members will only submit a letter of recommendation if you contact them directly BEFORE you submit your applications.