About the Program

NOYCE Focus on STEMThe Lehman Noyce Focus-On-STEM Scholarship Program is a Master’s Level program that provides an opportunity of a lifetime for qualified, energetic STEM graduates and Professionals, who have a passion for pursuing a professional career in teaching mathematics or science. Noyce Scholars are some of the most sought-after applicants for teaching positions nationwide.

The Lehman Noyce STEMELL Program encourages talented STEM major to become teachers in high-need districts. The uniqueness and strength of our program lies in not only equipping scholars with the capacity to improve the quality of math and science education offered in their schools but also providing scholars with proficiency in teaching math and science to English Language Learners and students from different cultural backgrounds.

Our program’s mission is to provide the best preparation for new mathematics and science middle and high school teachers in New York City public schools.

• To staff science and mathematics classrooms with outstanding teachers.
• To recruit educators from the communities in which they teach and live.
• To prepare educators to work with Multi language learners and students from different cultural backgrounds for high needs middle and high schools.

Watch: The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for English Language Learners (STEMELL) Video from the 2019 STEM for All Video Showcase