Transfer Student Information

Transfer Students

The Department of Physics and Astronomy welcomes transfer students at any stage.  You might want to test the waters by taking a physics course at your current institution, but once you’ve settled on physics there’s no reason to delay.  The sooner you transfer to Lehman and start taking physics and math courses here the better.

  • Until you transfer you should align your courses with the degree requirements described on our Programs. This means the following advice, which applies to everyone majoring in physics whether or not they’re a transfer student.
  • The first and most important step is getting started on math right away.  The physics major requires three semesters of calculus (MAT 175, 176, 226 at Lehman).  You should start these calculus courses as soon as possible.  If you’re not ready for calculus then you should take pre-calculus (either MAT 172 at Lehman, or the combination MAT 171 plus MAT 108).
  • Once you’re well along in calculus you should take two semesters of calculus-based Intro to Physics (PHY 168, 169 at Lehman).  We strongly recommend taking calculus-based Intro to Physics since it provides better preparation for more advanced physics courses.
  • Visit the Virtual Transfer Center for some additional resources.

If you haven’t applied to Lehman College yet, please go the Admissions Office website for more information on transfer requirements and the application process.

Once you have been accepted you will receive detailed information from the Admissions Office regarding the next steps toward becoming enrolled at Lehman. Please note that this process does take some time, so apply to transfer as early as possible! You can schedule a departmental advising session after your transfer credit evaluation (TCE) is complete and you have completed the onboarding process.

We hope to see you on campus or online soon!