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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Faculty and Staff Profiles: Eric WashingtonEric Washington, Director, Human Resources

Working at Lehman College and the City University of New York offers the opportunity to support higher education for students in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Whether teaching in a classroom or serving in a non-faculty position, our work helps students achieve their academic dreams.

Many of our students are "first generation" – the first in their families to attend college – and would not have this opportunity but for the City University of New York. They are our future.

Having worked in many areas of the public sector, the Lehman campus is like no other workplace environment, where the boundless energy of the students keeps the atmosphere alive and fresh.

Faculty and Staff Profiles: Susan Watson-TurnerSusan Watson-Turner, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance

My favorite aspect is working with the students. They continue to inspire me each semester; they are curious, bright and tenacious.

My colleagues are great! They are involved with their students as well as their professions. They challenge me to be my best.

The campus is beautiful and well located. Whenever I invite outside artists to our campus they are so impressed and I am so proud of our facilities, resources and supportive services. The community is eclectic and features wonderful extensions for my classroom.

Faculty and Staff Profiles: Ann RothsteinAnne Rothstein, Professor, Early Childhood and Childhood Education, Founding Director and Grant Writer, School/College Collaborative

I honed my grant writing skills beginning in 1984 and discovered a talent for it. So I have been engaged in grant writing to provide funding to improve educational outcomes for Bronx students at all levels.

My favorite aspect of Lehman is that collegiality is ubiquitous on campus. Lehman's faculty, staff, and administration are committed to and involved in taking responsibility for our larger community. We are working with schools to improve preparation. We are giving students the kind of experiences they need to learn how to learn. 

We're doing the right things to remain the jewel of the Bronx. Lehman has the most beautiful campus in CUNY. It is a pleasure to come to campus in all seasons and to walk on the campus. Within walking distance of nearly ten public schools, our setting is bucolic and is a haven for learning and teaching.

Gary Schwartz, Director of Lehman Scholars Program and Macaulay Honors College, Professor, Languages and LiteratureGary Schwartz, Director of Lehman Scholars Program and Macaulay Honors College, Professor, Languages and Literature

My goal is to develop sentient students who can look to their own best interests without harming themselves or others, and understand the wants and needs of others. Advising, even beyond teaching, is the most important activity because students develop explosively from dedicated informed guidance.

I admire my colleagues' honesty and devotion to providing our students with a quality education. I admire their adaptability and determination.

Living and working in the context of a very diverse population has been the greatest gain of my career at Lehman; we do not have to manufacture or import diversity. For me, diversity has been my greatest and most important teacher.

Raj Mohabir, Purchasing Agent

I feel proud working with the team of procurement and business professionals at Lehman College. I like that Lehman campus is beautiful with a diverse community.

My colleagues are my family away from home; I enjoy working with my colleagues and sharing my experiences.

My main objective at Lehman College is to provide courteous services to everyone and meet their procurement requirements.