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Student Elections

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CUNY Manual of General Policy stablishes the guidelines for student government elections. Elections are held every Spring semester, between March 15 and April 30. All positions in student government: 13 exectuive offices and 33 senate positions are elected during this period.

The student elections are scheduled by the Student Election Review Commitee (SERC). This commitee is composed of 3 faculty/staff and 2 students. The current members are:

  • David Charcape, Assistant Director, Office of Campus Life
  • Bascillia Toussaint, Director, Career Exploration and Development Center
  • Deborah Sanders, Lecturer, Economics and Business Department

Running for Student Government

If you are interested in running for a position in student government, you must meet the criteria stablished in the artile 7.15 of the CUNY Manual of General Policy, and submit a completed intention form. Intention Forms are only available as scheduled by SERC.

Students running for a position in student government can campaign following the rules stablished by SERC in the Code of Elections.
If you have any question regarding student elections, please contact a SERC representative or an Office of Campus Life staff.

Documents for Candidates