General Accounting

The Goal of the Office of the Controller is to provide accurate reporting of all funds received from students (or for students) in connection with the payment of tuition and fees. This Office works in close conjunction with the offices of the Bursar, Financial Aid, Vice President of Student Affairs, and the Department of Information Technology to design, record, and accurately report over $50 million in tuition revenue per year.

In addition to their tuition and fees reporting responsibilities, another goal of the Office is to provide accurate recording and reporting of non-tax-levy funds (those funds which the College manages that are neither State legislated nor disbursed through the University’s Central Office). Thus, the Office maintains record keeping for such entities as the Lehman College Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, Lehman College Association for Campus Activities, Lehman College Art Gallery, and the Student Child Care Center. In order to carry out these responsibilities, the Office of the Controller also has oversight responsibility of the Student Financial Services and the Office of Campus Activities.



Last modified: Aug 17, 2016

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