B.A. (Media Communications Studies)

Media Communication Studies allows students to concentrate on the study of mediated communications as they continue to evolve in the twenty-first century. MCS is a major that focuses on the theories and their various applications of mediated communication, on developing students’ knowledge base and analytical competencies in this area, as well as their research skills.

The aim of the major is to bring together study of the history and current state of media ownership and industry structure; of media genres; of media platforms (from the telegraph to the mobile app to future innovations); of government regulation of the media; of media globalization; of issues of identity and diversity in the media, including multilingualism; and of socio-cultural effects of media representation. The major is equally valuable to students pursuing an academic future in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, or a career path in advertising, public relations, marketing, organizational management, or public policy.

MCS 42-43 Credit Major in Media Communications Studies, B.A.  

The Media Communications Studies major consists of 42-43 credits. Students must complete all core requirements before taking required courses. The total number of credits (42 or 43) depends on whether students participate in the Media Communications Studies Honors Program.


All 300 and 400-level Media Communications Studies courses have either a specific course prerequisite, or require completion of 60 credits and department permission. The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (21 credits)

All students are required to complete the following courses:

Credits   Course                 Title

3              JRN 211              Introduction to Multilingual Media
3              FTS 212              Introduction to Film and Television
3              MCS 214            Introduction to Media and Digital Culture
3              MCS 210            Global Cinema
3              MCS 220            Intro to Public Relations and Marketing
3              MCS 244            Communication in Society
3              MCS 307            Media Industries I

Specialized Requirements  (21-22 credits)

3                MCS 300            Corporate Communications
3                MCS 308            Media Industries II
3                MCS 334            Documentary
3                MCS 347            Advertising
3                FTS  420             Cinema Aesthetics and Criticism

3 credits elective. To be chosen after consultation with advisor.

3-4 credits  Capstone


3                MCS 481              Independent Project in Media Studies


3                MCS 491              Honors Tutorial in Media Studies
1                MCS 492              Honors Colloquium in Media Studies 

MCS 491 and 492 are Honors capstone courses. To enroll in them, students must have earned 90 credits or more, have a 3.5 GPA in their major and have Departmental Permission. MCS 491 and MCS 492 must be taken together. 

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