New JRN Minor: Multimedia Journalism (Spring 2024)

As of Spring 2024, the Journalism and Media Studies Department has completed a redesign of the major to increase the number of audio and video courses. We have also updated some of the course names and descriptions to better reflect the curriculum.

Will This Impact Current Minors?

If you declared your minor in Journalism before this, your requirements will REMAIN THE SAME. You will need JRN 211, plus one 200-level JRN course,  plus one 300-level JRN course, plus one JRN 400-level course. 

Multimedia Journalism (JRN) Minor (Spring 2024)

12 credits total

Required: JRN 211 Media: Perspective, Truth and Power, plus one 200-level JRN course,  plus one 300-level JRN course, plus one JRN 400-level course

Choose one:

JRN 219 Disinformation and Manipulation: Digital Media Literacy
JRN 221 Fundamentals of Multimedia Reporting
JRN 222 Interactive and Emerging Media
JRN 223 Journalism Ethics
FTS 226 Audio Production 

Plus choose one:

JRN 301 Fundamentals of Video Storytelling
JRN 321 Advanced Multiplatform Investigations: Exposing Inequity
JRN 323 Feature Writing
JRN 300 Bronx Journal Multimedia Newsroom
JRN 320 Audio Storytelling
JRN 355 Advanced Video Storytelling
JRN 356 Photojournalism

Plus choose one:

JRN 470 Internship II
JRN 486 Reporting Democracy: Bronx Public Square Initiative
JRN 481 Independent Project in Journalism
JRN 491 Honors Tutorial in Journalism and JRN 492 Honors Colloquium in Journalism

JRN 491 and 492 are Honors capstone courses. To enroll in them, students must have earned 90 credits or more, have a 3.5 GPA in the major and have Departmental Permission. JRN 4910 and JRN 492 must be taken together. Students who are eligible for the Honors Capstone may substitute JRN 491 and JRN 492 for JRN 481.