Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies. We invite you to join us in any of our three majors/minors. These include Film and Television Studies (FTS), Journalism (JRN) and Media Communication Studies (MCS). Please take a look at what we have to offer and think about how you could be part of it. The Department of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS), formerly known as the Department of Journalism, Communication and Theatre (JCT), focuses on the study and practice of journalism and all other forms of entertainment and information media from their roots in print and broadcast media to the latest platforms of digital media. We are dedicated to the development of strong writing skills, a deeper understanding of media and storytelling techniques that facilitate clear, accurate, and relevant content.


In addition to our areas of study, an essential part our academic focus includes the delivery of award-winning multimedia productions that reach audiences here in New York and around the world. We accomplish this by using the tools of professional media to attract dedicated audiences that expect and receive excellence.

JMS continues to expand and evolve, with a media presence that includes television, Internet radio, an online newspaper, film and much more. Come join us on our mission to educate, inform and explore our community and our world.

Click here to review a powerpoint presentation which outlines the three majors in the department.

Inside Lehman

Inside Lehman is an award-winning television news magazine produced by faculty and students of JCT. It highlights issues in the public consciousness and areas of academic study.

The Bronx Journal

The Bronx Journal is a student publication that covers the Bronx community. It features news, photo galleries, and videos about the latest happenings in the borough.